The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, August 28, 2015

A Weekend in the Hills

I guess we're about up to a month since I posted anything.  I'm having trouble even typing because my fingers are so out of practice.  But since I have a list of about seven posts to write up I better warm up and get going.  Summer came, summer went, I survived with only minor emotional injuries, though I can't speak for the let's see if I can remember anything that happened well enough to actually write about it.

Event #1 for the records happened at the end of July - a weekend at a cabin in the hills of Utah county with a few very dear friends. There was only one sad thing about it.  My dear husband has been called away on business multiple times this summer, and at the last minute he was sent on another one, so he wasn't able to be there with us.  I missed him.  So did everyone else.  But the other families were really sweet with me and tried to help me out during my single-parent status over the weekend.

We had a lovely time together, mostly just hanging around the cabin doing things like hammering metal discs into jewelry-type things, learning how to knit slippers, playing board games and card games, eating too many peanut m&m's, and covering our arms and legs in henna tattoos. The kids decorated t shirts with fabric markers and by stamping them with painted leaves. We watched hummingbirds swarming our sugar feeder, we made messes as we roasted marshmallows, and my friend Elyse brought a play parachute the kids loved and it turns out they knew all the same games I played as a kid.  Parachute day was the best day of the school year, if you ask me.

We also spent one day back down in the big city of Springville where we popped into a museum to see a quilt show, one of which was made by my friend and hostess of the weekend, Becca.  We also stopped at a small little reservoir that had recently been installed at the mouth of the canyon for I think recreational purposes - it was like going to the beach at a very cold lake.

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Linda R said...

I loved parachute day too!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.