The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy Places

Both of the big kids experienced some discoveries this summer.  I think discovery for one was more enjoyable than the discovery for the other, but in the end, both kids had incredible experiences.

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned before that Cap took a couple of sewing classes last summer. The first week of this summer he took a class during which he made this cool pull-over long sleeve hoodie thing that he wears every single day he can do so without melting. It's black, silver stripes down the arms, very cool.  He enjoyed it a lot, but didn't really seem super excited about registering for more classes.  I realized then that I should really get Bitty into a class - I just knew she'd love it.  And oh man was I right.  Bitty absolutely loved the class, the teacher, and everything she got to do.  Jane, her teacher, reported to me that Bitty was absolutely delightful in the class.  She had to stay extra long on a few days to finish her projects because apparently she's a very cautious and careful worker, but Jane couldn't be more happy about it.  

I was so thrilled to find a happy place for Bitty, whom I feel like I've been trying to pour happiness into and sometimes she seems to have a leak in her happy tank.  I know my tank gets leaky sometimes too. It can be tough, and could possibly use further attention.  But for now, to find a place and a woman so safe and happy for Bitty was really joyful, both for her and for me.  Here she is showing off some of her creations:

I'm so proud and happy for her, and just registered her for more classes this fall.  I can't wait to see the smile on her face and the new duds she'll be making.

Cap's learning experience was a little steeper and we kind of had to hype him up to get excited for it.  My sister, his cello teacher, hosts a summer camp for teens every summer.  She has these thick binders full of fun and fabulous music that get passed out around the end of school.  Frankly, both Cap and I felt a little intimidated, and spent a lot of time going over the music he'd be playing, but still feeling nervous and like he had a long way to go to be ready.  Camp started anyway.

Camp itself was really only three days long, taking up most of a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with a performance Saturday night for the families to see and hear what music they had been working on.  I have to say, when Cap came home the first day and was totally pumped up and excited I was a little shocked.  He had been nervous at best and resistant at worst, and to see him get home and be excited to go back and proclaim that he never wanted to miss another cello camp ever was really fun and rewarding.  What a high.  When we went to see him on Friday evening I was moved by the amazing music.  Such a range - Bach, interesting modern pieces, other classical things I've never heard - it was wonderful.

One serendipitous moment from the evening happened when I connected with a woman who has a daughter who takes from Margaret.  This woman also grew up in Boulder Colorado, and was one of our family's favorite babysitters.  We adored her and her little sister.  Roxanne and her sister Allison were practically family members, and to get a chance to reconnect was delightful.

One last crowning event for the week was a repeat performance of the concert on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market in downtown Salt Lake City.  Hard to believe that a pack of teenage cellists could draw much attention away from the hustle and noise of the crowded market, but we gathered a bit of a crowd.

I felt so proud of Cap for conquering his reluctance and enjoying the process playing cellos with other kids.  My sister is amazing.

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