The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, October 16, 2015

Milestone for Bitty

Bitty has been working so hard on her cello - she learned all her pieces in the first book of her program.  She actually learned them by the middle of summer, and by the end of the summer she was about ready to perform them in an official Book One Recital.  There was just one little problem.  Her teacher-aunt and her mom could not find a time that worked. It was such a busy summer and September for us all that we had to postpone the recital until we finally made it happen last weekend. Bitty waited patiently and kept faithfully practicing her pieces.

We gathered on the first Sunday evening of October on our back porch, a small group of folks including Bitty's dear activity days leader and the family of one of her closest friends, one of those terrific 6th grade girls I'm so grateful for.

Bitty did a great job and played her heart out.  She felt a little shaky after it was over, not sure if she had done as well as she wanted, but was reassured by the magical aunty Margaret that she made beautiful music, which she truly did.  I tried to reassure her too but Margaret is gifted with her students and knows just the right things to say.

It's so amazing to watch my kids play the cello, to watch their brains in full swing, synchronizing their hands and ears and bodies and brains to create music.  I'm so grateful we have music in our lives.

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