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The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Off to a Great Year

It's a little anti-climactic to write about this when it turns out that it is now October and school started more than a month ago but...guess what!  School started!  (It feels weird to be working on Halloween costumes the same day as writing about the first day of school.  Clearly I'm either way behind at blogging or super awesome at costumes.  Ha ha.) But school! Exciting, right? Exciting for me, I mean.  The kids may or may not feel the same way.  Well, here's what I think.  They love it.  They just don't KNOW they love it.  Well....Skippidy loves it and knows she loves it.  The other two...maybe not so much.  They are grumpy in the mornings, but actually come home in pretty good moods, so I kinda think they secretly like it.

This has been a big year for us because it's the year that Cap departed the halls of our beloved elementary school and headed off (on a bus!!) to middle school.  He was pretty nervous about it, and I think on many mornings his tummy-butterflies act up still, but overall I've been pretty happy about his experience.  He's definitely on a learning curve when it comes to being responsible for the goings-on in seven different classes and keeping up with all that. I'm trying to be patient and remember that he has taken on not only the responsibility of middle school, but also had a major spike in responsibility for dental care and attention (braces blog post up next), not to mention eye care (I don't think I'll do a specific post about his new contact lenses), not to mention the fact that his brain is currently in a state of reconstruction that basically has turned it into hormone soup. (Sorry honey, I hate to say it, but it's true.) Considering all that, he's doing ok.  Considering that I have turned into a Hermione Granger wanna-be, I get a little frustrated.  We balance each other out.  But over all, I really think he enjoys being the manly man in our house as he's learned how to work a locker combination, navigate a comparatively huge school, change in and out of gym clothing in record time and has joined the world of morning commuters.  And I have to say, I'm super impressed with his teachers.  Special are they who wish to teach in a junior high school.  My hat is off to you.  I can't even manage one of these people at my house, not to mention a class room full of them.

The girls are also off to a great start - I can't believe Bitty is a fifth grader already.  I look at the sixth graders, who all look about a foot taller than she is with all sorts of mature manners and appearances and it totally freaks me out.  Bitty is still just such a cute little gal - I can hardly believe how close she is to being a sixth grader.  I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'm really happy with her teacher, a Mr. Fuller - he's terrific.  Sadly, most of her friends are in the other class, but she's making new friends and strengthening friendships a bit where she is.  It's been a little tough with some drama here and there, but I'm very grateful for the dear friends she does have, including two of the cutest sixth graders ever.  I will MISS them next year.  Getting ahead of myself again.

And Skippidy?  What do I say about her?  That every single day I pick her up from school and ask her how her day was and she always leaps into the air and says, "It! Was! AWESOME!"  Of course, when I go to ask her details from her day, she shrugs and says she can't remember any.  Hmmm.  In reality, she has the greatest teacher ever, Miss Blank, who is nothing short of a 1st grade-teaching genius, a veritable guru in the art of mastering the six year old mind.  How can I even describe her?  She is sweet and kind and silly and also doesn't give an inch on her expectations.  She does amazing things where she has the kids learning concepts with their entire bodies, like standing up and doing motions to represent each punctuation mark they learn.  It's amazing to watch. I kind of want to hang out there more than I get to, which is only for 15 minutes on Thursday mornings.  I'm very happy.

Ok WOW I finally got through a blog post. Yay me.  Here are some ancient pictures of the kids on their first days of school.

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