The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another School Year's End

Every September it feels like the year will never end, and every June I'm surprised when it does, even more quickly than the last.

It was a marvelous and emotional end to the year.  I have really loved the girls teachers. It's hard to move on from such a great year, especially when a couple of your other favorite teachers at the school are moving on to other parts of their lives and careers.

Ah but I'm getting ahead of myself.  As you would expect, I somehow made sure my last week of school was absolute insanity. Why would it be anything but?  I guess that is just how I do things. Not only did we have the end of year carnival, but it was also Skippidy's birthday on the last day of school.  Oh yeah, and I decided I'd work that week too.  Duh.  Next year remind me to stop working at my job the week BEFORE the last week of school.  It was just way too much.

Here are some of the kids I worked with this year - they were a part of a great class and I'll miss (most of) them!

On the night before the last day of school we held our annual carnival.  I experienced some miracles that night. I know it's silly to get worked up about a bounce-house, cotton-candy, carnival game, pizza slice, snow cone infested hullabaloo, but when you're in charge of finding the volunteers and you need about 70 of them and you can only get about 55, when people show up and say, "I forgot to sign up, can you use my help?" you feel looked after and really rather blessed.

Skippidy told me that the popcorn was the gold at the end of her face paint rainbow. Most unappetizing treasure ever. 

After a late night of cleaning up and counting cash and doing all that carnival stuff, we got to bed and the next day was it. The last day of school (and Skippidy's birthday) were actually here.

I had just enough time during the day to run and grab balloons and put together a few party games for the afternoon before I ran over to the school.  There's always an end-of-year sing along and performance.  I was surprised at how few parents were there this year, but the ones who were there were some of my favorite friends.  It was a very teary time.  Not only are two of my favorite teachers in the school moving on to other schools and other paths, but there are many families with 6th graders who graduated and they have no more kids at Wasatch.  Plus my dear dear friend is moving to California.  So basically it was a big old cry-fest for all the grownups while the kids looked on in alarm and horror. I love our school.

Bitty absolutely adored Mr. Fuller this year

Miss Blank is like a magical Snow White of a teacher.  She is amazing.

Actually Skippidy started full-on weeping during the school song and she couldn't stop.  She clung on to her teacher and just bawled her little eyes out.  I'm getting a little teary just writing about it!  

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