The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, June 13, 2016

Showcase Spec-tackle

Every year I know the very end of school is really truly here when we hit our Arts Showcase. Over the past five years as I have been heavily involved in this evening - for five years I've been the PTA's Volunteer Coordinator and have needed to round up somewhere around 60 volunteers to pull off the event.  I've gotten very good at wheedling. And this year, well, this was the year that I got to try out being both the Volunteer Coordinator AND the Treasurer for the PTA. I really like being the treasurer.  And I'm pretty used to being the Volunteer Coordinator - it's ok.  The best part of it is getting to know lots of people.  The worst part of it is trying to find anyone to take the job away from me. I'm starting to think that that will not actually happen until Skippidy is done at Wasatch.  But whatever.  This year wasn't actually that bad, even though I was doing both jobs. That is, it wasn't that bad until the night of Arts Showcase.  That's the one night I found that doing both of those jobs really really sucks. Oh well, next year I'll know that I need to find a substitute volunteer person or something.

Valerie, Melissa, Kalleen, Tracie, Augusta and Natalie

A very flattering picture of me in my back room selling shirts and checking in the volunteers and being totally exhausted

I'm so happy to work with the cool moms I get to know - that's my big plug for joining the PTA. You become a part of your community. I don't think a photo has ever been taken before of the moms working all dang day long trying to get ready. I truly love these ladies.

I always end the night feeling pretty proud - proud of my kids and the awesome art they create all year long. I feel proud of our amazing school, and proud of the creativity of the teachers and parents in putting together an amazing night.  I don't think I've ever felt more elated than I did this year though.  I'm not sure why - it was just an absolutely beautiful night.  Things ran smoothly, the building looked amazing, we were able to get ample donations, the art was wonderful.  My dad even came.  He doesn't usually come to stuff like this, but I think he's been needing to get out more so he and Margaret came and they were very impressed and that made me feel great. 

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