The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Magical World of Sheri

With Peter and Sheri here for Thanksgiving we had festivities planned for the rest of the weekend. Actually, we almost didn't, because I had been planning on our annual tree-hunting trip with our friend Mary. She had suggested "the weekend after Thanksgiving," which I thought meant the Friday and Saturday RIGHT after Thanksgiving, and she meant a full week later. We were packing our bags before we figured out we had the wrong weekend. As sad as I was to have to wait a full week more to get our tree, it was lovely to have extra time with Peter and Sheri.

Sheri, this post is dedicated to you. I myself have a tendency to shy away from events that I know will be packed with crowds of people, no matter how festive they might promise to be. I'm just sure that no amount of holiday sparkle can be fun enough to endure crushing crowds and crying kids. It's good thing I have Sheri around, because somehow she always makes magic happen.

The day after Thanksgiving is a notoriously nutty day, right? Like, the one day to avoid down town SLC at all costs? It's Black Friday, plus the lights at temple square get turned on - it's just insane. There's NO WAY I would ever go there of my own accord. But oh not our intrepid Sheri! And she has a way of drawing me in along with her.

For starters, I ended up at Target with her on Thanksgiving night - she always wants to go and see the spectacle. It was fun to go with her, especially since we didn't find anything that made it worth waiting in line for hours to buy something. We just got cokes and watched the people.  That was pretty fun.

On Friday in the early afternoon we decided to go down town JUST to see the candy window's on display at Macy's.  That wouldn't be too hard, would it? It was early in the day, how much could be happening in the middle of the day? And indeed, it was fun!  The windows, as always, were totally charming. They were just on the edge of City Creek Mall so we stopped at the food court to let the kids play while we ate fries. It was pretty nuts but Sheri Poppins somehow made it seem fun. I think we even went to the Disney store - now that was crowded and engendered in me my usual feelings of panic and I-want-everything-I-see-itis.  (I think I have shopping anxiety.)

Anyway, the candy windows led us to the mall, which led us around the corner to a fun animatronic display in the Zion's Bank windows and then guess what. We were just kitty corner from temple square, only a half hour before the lights were to be turned on. Sheri looked at me longingly and voila, she had me at Temple Square ready for the lighting. How does she do it? We found a perfectly empty bench for our bunch to gather on, right next to the corner cafe selling cookies and hot chocolate. What a sight, to see those lights light up.

 Saturday afforded us a sunny afternoon at the zoo, and we even managed to get Cap out with us. Good thing he adores his little cousins. It's a most convenient way to get him out on family outings.

And of course, any time I get with this little gal is just a treat. How I love being an aunty.

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