The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I meant to blog before I got kicked out of the house. I really did. After all, there was so much going on! I think we had three full days of Pioneer Day celebration. Well, maybe just two. But they were eventful. And delightful. And firework-full. I have lots of pictures to share. However, I do not have access to those pictures at the moment because I'm homeless.

My dear tireless husband...well, let's not say tireless because I think he's exhausted. But he keeps working anyway. Anyway, he's been forced to start another project. This does not mean in any way that the other large project going on at our house is finished yet - our attic is still in the works. But, as those of you who have ever had to use the "facilities" at our house know, our bathroom needs a little attention. Okay, lots and lots of attention. So, I moved out. I took the kids and a huge duffel bag and am now making life crazy at my sister's house, and thank heavens for her. Also on our itinerary this week are trips to my parents', Bear Lake, and The Becky's. If the bathroom takes long enough, we may have to repeat the cycle or perhaps visit Peter in California. We'll just see.

So far, it's been a delightful weekend, involving about the fourth past-11 bedtime for the kids. Last night we went to see The Muppet Movie at a special screening at the park. Margaret and I sang along to all the songs while Bitty did some dancing, squirming and exploring. This evening we kept not going to bed when we should because we were in the back yard enjoying the beautiful breezy evening, the happy happy kids, and the hammock. Can you blame us for not turning in early?

So, I will try at some point to post pix from the 24th festivities. I will post pix from poor Troy's latest project. And in the mean time, come on over and bring a shovel. Troy could use some help.

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MaryKay said...

This is cousin MaryKay. I just read your post about being homeless. I hope the bathroom remodeling project goes smoothly. Christopher and I are planning a trip to Utah in August. We plan to stay at the Weber cabin from Monday, August 11th until Friday the 15th. Elizabeth and her family plan to be there the same week. Would you be interested in a day trip to the Weber sometime that week? Margaret is also welcome to come, but I don't have her email address. If you're still staying with her could you please pass this invitation on to her. Best wishes in your travel adventures. (I enjoy your posts and pictures.)