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The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Your Adventure Awaits

At least, that's what they tell you when they call your name at the Mayan. "Troy, party of 10, your adventure awaits!" I wonder how I'd do at a job where I'd have to play pretend with other adults. Like at Disneyland or something. Anyway, we at last made it to the Mayan restaurant with the Mayfields, and you know what? It was pretty fun!

When I grew up, in Boulder Colorado, there was a restaurant in Denver called Casa Bonita. I wonder if it's still there. I remember dying to go there, knowing that it had a real waterfall inside with divers and stuff. I do remember that we actually did go, maybe only once, and most of my memories are very foggy and vague. Something about sitting in a dim atmosphere, something about pirate-y tunnels we could run through, something about sitting among leafy branches, and of course something about seeing people dive off the waterfalls. I guess what I remember most is that on my plate was a pile of somewhat foamy peas. Not so good. And frankly, the cuisine at the Mayan hasn't gotten especially rave reviews either. I, however, chose wisely, and ordered the fish tacos. If you ever go, that's what you should get.

We had a grand time (as grand as you can have while keeping track of six rampaging children in a restaurant) and really enjoyed watching Mr. Tuckfield diving. He really is pretty much the most awesome diver there, and he had to be at least 10 years older than the other two divers. Here he is, doing a side flip from a rock right in front of us (forgive the peek at his very un-Mayan speedo):

You'll notice his one bandaged toe, which was broken, and still, he could dive!

Another novelty of the evening was being taken on a "backstage" tour - basically there's a rather muggy locker room behind the waterfall with ladders for getting out of the water or climbing up to higher leap-points. But we did meet the other stars of the show, one of whom looked pretty familiar. See if you can figure out where I've seen her before (and I don't mean Misty):

I'm sure, as no one has actually memorized all my entries, that you have no idea. However, she showed up in my entry about going to the zoo's grand opening of the carousel - she was the lion, jumping around on stilts, having glued whiskers into her nostrils. Well, I learned this evening, that no glue was involved. Just a very convenient nose piercing. You may notice the beads that are strung from ear to ear, making a brief detour through her nose. She's very nice. She's the fire girl, not a diver.

Well, enough said. Any evening with the Mayfields is a good evening. Through a little Tuckfield in, and we're all set, right!

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Linda said...

Yes, Casa Bonita is still in Denver and the food is still terrible.
Linda (your next door neighbor on Caballo Court and sometimes moody babysitter :-)