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The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Just Forget It!

You know how, after starting a blog, you start to look at life as a series of blog entries? Some things are big events we want to record, some things are funny stories, some things are just random observations or the capture of one magical moment. Well, I've had about 12 of each of those things in the past week, and I kept meaning to get to the computer and blog about them, but...well...choose your excuse:

1.) Life has been so hectic that I simply couldn't cram another moment in at the computer.

2.) Actually nothing that exciting has been going on.

3.) I just didn't feel like it.

4.) I was trapped under something heavy. (Name that movie...)

Is it possible that at least three of the four replies are all a little true? And at this point, which events/comments/memories do I actually record?

Should it be the day we spent swimming in the back yard with both my sister-in-law (+ kids) and my dear friend TL (+ kids)?

Should it be the two days we spent frantically preparing for the sudden departure of our bedroom furniture - it's old, dark, very heavy, and wouldn't fit in our attic. So when we found a taker, willing to come and pick it up, we were willing to get rid of it several months before we needed to. This led to two trips to IKEA in two days plus several hours of new-drawers assembly plus rearranging most of the house...then the people coming to pick it up didn't show for three more days. Oh well. At least it's done and our bedroom looks 20 times better - I almost don't want to give it up to the kids now when the attic is done.

Or how about getting new insulation in the attic for free? Or having a great jewelry party at my house with awesome stuff? Or how about just now remembering that I totally spaced a Brighton Girls Camp Staff reunion play date at the park yesterday? (I believe I did the same with a dentist appointment a few days before...) Or how about the fact that I got to watch a video tape of the original pre-Broadway production of The Drowsy Chaperone at a party last week? Or how about a lovely evening I spent with the women in my church, eating salads on the back lawn of a woman I've known for 10 years but feel like I just barely got to know? How about the impromptu dinner I threw for my family because my next-door-neighbor gave me a bag full of fresh mushrooms from the farmers market? (It really was the most divine meal - I sauted the 'shrooms with leeks and shallots, thyme right from the garden, and added a little white wine and veggie broth, reduced it down, ladled it over fresh homemade pasta and grated a little parmesan on top...are you kidding me!!! It was awesome!)

See what I mean? Too much. So, I'm skipping it all. I will include one photo of my niece eating chocolate licorice because it is cute:

And now I am wiping my hands clean of the whole mess. It's kind of like getting behind on a magazine you like to read. They just start to pile up until there is no possible way you can read them all. Sometimes you just have to heap them in the recycle bin and start fresh. I'll try, from now on, not to get bogged down in my way-too-exciting, let's-not-miss-a-single-moment life.


tiffrsmith said...

I find myself blogging in my head all the time. It's funny, huh? It sounds like you've had a wonderful week. I miss those summer Enrichment Nights at Sister Whitney's. I wish my new ward did fun stuff like that.

Misty said...

What Harry Met Sally!! Am I a kindred spirit or what?? :) Could I use more punctuation??!? We're having a ball in So. Cal but I miss my girlfriends! Thanks for the quick update so I know what's happening with you.

Windybrook Spinner said...

I can't wait to see your house when poor you and Troy finally get it all done. How fun to buy new bedroom furniture!

luann said...

We did the free attic insulation thingy too! It was sooooo nice! I totally understand about the whole "life moves too fast for bloggers" times. I feel like that a lot lately.

skinny said...

I so understand your dilemma. I just keep telling myself that we are so busy living and experiencing life that I don't have time to document it. (That doesn't keep the blogging out of my head though.)

steph said...

We just got some new furniture, too, for the living room, and it kind of makes me laugh that what you were getting rid of - big, dark, heavy - really describes what we just bought!

Nick said...

Ok you are so dang cute. I am so glad to hear that others are in the same vote that I am. Finding a moment to blog sometimes is so hard but in the back of my mind I really am wanting too. I was so glad to see you at Maddisons shower and I feel much better to see that you forgot about the Brighton get together too. wished I was there. You are amazing and good luck with the house. Let's get together.

Lainey said...

I hear you! And I am so happy that attic is finished. You are seriously a trooper - all of you! Go Troy! Love the post! Keep em coming - when you have time : )

Sparverius said...

I resemble that remark. Too busy doing I don't know what. If only I could come up with a long, long list of what's been going on to keep me so occupied. I bet it's mostly just that I'm too lazy to put forth the effort required. :)