The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bitty's New Hair-Do

I think every parent has gone through this. I waited and waited for Stomper to do it, but he never did. (Or hasn't yet, anyway.) So when Bitty gave her self a little hair cut (with my razor! Hello!) in the shower last night I wasn't really mad at all. When I got her out I noticed hair everywhere, and when I asked her what happened I think she thought I was going to go berserk, because she started crying, wrapped her little wet arms around my neck and sobbed, "I'm so sorry!" It took me a minute to find the hair cut's location, because I thought she would have just scraped the razor along the hair by her face or something. Finally I parted the hair on the back of her head and found quite an impressive bald spot back there. I'm surprised that she got it so cleanly shaven without cutting herself. She's actually been pretty happy to show people her new bald spot. I thought she might get upset about the lack of hair back there, but it seems to be a badge of accomplishment or something. I think I prefer the back of her head to a bang-snipping like so many other kids do. I'm just glad there was no blood involved.


Bella said...

that is beyond impressive. i bet she will be one of those girls that never cuts her legs while shaving. i'm jealous already....she has serious razor skills.

Keersten said...

Holy cow! That girl has some skills! I have to admit my stomach dropped when I saw that picture. I can't believe she didn't cut herself! Oh yikes, that one is going to be around awhile.

Misty said...

At least it wasn't front and center! That bald spot looks like you can hide it some with her other hair.

Kelly said...

That's gonna look funny when it starts growing in! It could have been so much worse. Way to go, Bitty!

Melissa said...

Wow. She has some skills. She and Duffy can enjoy growing their hair out together although ours was not nearly that short.