The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh I am so behind. Life seems to be rolling along at breakneck speed like always, and I'm grateful for it all, although I must admit that tonight I'm feeling a little harried. But I have to get some updates in before they're totally outdated.

Update on Daddy:
All I can say is that my husband is a pedalin' fool. He completed his second Latoja tour; a 206 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I'm very proud of him. I think he's still feeling relieved that he's no longer pedaling.

Update on Mommy:
Let's skip that. I'm tired.

Update on Stomper:
He seems to love 1st grade. He goes in willingly, he comes out happy. He can't seem to get the notion of bringing home his lunchbox everyday, but that ain't no thang. We'll figure it out. He also started a new season of soccer with the Firebirds. He's on the same team with a few of his buddies from Kindergarten, and at first I thought this might prove disastrous as at his first practice the boys did nothing but roll around on the grass and tackle each other. However, at their first game Stomper actually scored his first ever goal and seemed to have a much better idea of what the game is about. I'm grateful to his coach who hasn't quit yet. I would have. That practice was awful!

My favorite Stomper story of the week: He comes out of his room one morning holding the shirt I had put out for him. It was a darling little stripy polo but he was pinching it between his fingers like it was a pair of dirty undies. "Mom, why can't I have any cool shirts?" I tried to get him to tell me what a cool shirt was and he got frustrated. "You know, a COOL shirt!" "Tell me what a cool shirt is, honey." Bursting into tears, "Mom! You don't understand me! You'll never understand me!" Oh great. Are we there already? Luckily Troy was there to calm him down and get him to explain what he wanted. He wants the kind of shirts I detest. Those shirts that are splashed top to bottom with huge graphics of roaring dinosaurs and action heroes. Sorry, other moms, I know lots of kids wear them, but I just hate them. Don't worry, I'll get over it. I love my kid more than I hate those shirts, so we found a few on sale at Smith's and Stomper is now the proud owner of officially cool shirts.

Bitty update:
She finally got to start school! It was a long couple of weeks between the time Stomper started and Bitty got to go. We're commuting to a school in Millcreek, and so far I'm happy with the class. Not thrilled, but pretty happy. The problem is the commute. It is starting to seem ridiculous. Last year we were only doing it twice a week but this year it's four days and I'm starting to wonder if I should look again for a preschool around here. Bitty would probably flip out, actually, since her best little friend J. goes there. J. used to live on our street but now lives on the school's street. I'm not sure I could convince her to be happy elsewhere. We'll see.

Bundle update:
Well, I took all these pictures a couple of weeks ago because she turned three months. Of course now she's almost four months, but I can still show you her three month pictures, right? She continues to be a delight, although Bitty's school schedule is kind of throwing her off her groove. Why oh why didn't I appreciate life with just one baby? I was home all day with Stomper and I couldn't figure out what I was doing. Oh well, Bundle is still happy and getting chubbier thighs by the day.


Julie said...

Love the updates - keep 'em coming :)

Swimmingmom said...

Ah, that bundle is gorgeous! What a cutie! Way to go Troy- woohoo!

Misty said...

Those are some pinchable cheeks. I mean the baby's, not yours, Rachel. :)

Sparverius said...

Cute little family. I love the Stomper story. Oh the drama. :)

Nicole said...

Ok so I am laughing so hard because of your post Justin my first grader about 3 months ago did the EXACT same thing to me about crying and wanting "cool" shirts I am with you I hate all the printrd logo shirts too I prefer the polos myself but I too after a long talk ended up buying him a now favorite "Sonic" shirt and well he loves it and get's so excited when I actually let him wear it to school! which to me is more often than I like. Funny! but he is much happier now!

steph said...

congrats to Troy!