The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, October 12, 2009

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I really wish you could see my hair right now. Well, now that I think about that, I retract that statement and say instead, I'm SO glad you can't see my hair right now.

This day began with me waking up to the buzzing alarm clock in the kids room, which had been going off for 10 minutes before I dragged myself from the land of very strange dreams to go turn it off. I staggered in there, nearly blind with sleep, baby slung on one arm, jammies all skeewampus from too many night time Bundle meals, to turn it off and start the day. I never did get on top of it all. I mean, I did get dressed and my teeth did manage to get brushed before too long. Heck, I even wore earrings today. But the hair, well...that was the casualty of the day. After a fun day full of visitors and play dates and meeting new babies and errands and cooking and laundry and homework and reading and crabby babies and tired kids, I ended up looking like I stuck my finger in a socket. My hair was everywhere, not to be controlled. The wispies took over with authority. Well, that is until I had yanked them behind my ears for the million and twelfth time, got fed up, and grabbed the nearest hair implement; a purple plastic bow clip belonging to Bitty, and pinned them straight back on top of my head. I look awesome.

The wispy pinning happened shortly after dinner when I actually locked myself in the kids' room with Bundle. Don't worry, I wasn't in there rocking back and forth, mumbling and sucking my thumb, I just thought this was a better option than to crash through the front door and run screaming down the street. You see, Bitty had snuck a little Diet Coke. Need I say more? Ballistic. "Save the Baby!" was a phrase heard throughout the house more than once. I thought I was safe in there, doing a little cleaning, the door being locked and all, when Bitty pursed her lips against the vent in the door. She breathed heavily for a moment. Then I heard her breathe out slowly and menacingly, in a very horror-movie kind of way, "I can still keep talking to you, Mom." Ahhhh! Run for your lives! Locked doors are no match for Bitty, who indeed did keep talking nonstop until I couldn't take it and just let her in.

I am going to go shower now and try this all again tomorrow.


Bella said...

oh rachel!! i just can't stop laughing! life is just too comical at times...'save the baby'...horror movie moments...i love it!! hope the shower helped and that today is much much better. )

Windybrook Spinner said...

I can't say it any better than Bella. Thanks for the laugh. I hope today is better.

Adam said...

Your day sounds a little too much like mine did! Except I was holding Rosey on the kitchen rug telling everyone else to just give me a few minutes alone. To Smith that means "oh you must want to hear more about my lego guy." So, I start crying, and he comes and hugs me and pats my back. That's when you know it's bad....when the 6 year old is comforting the Mom. AAHHH!!!
Let's hope today is better for all of us, eh?
love ya,

Keersten said...

Let me just say thank you for the excellent and much needed laugh-fest. Hope tomorrow rocks!

jefferies said...

Leave it up to you to always make me laugh!
Love you...hope you're having a better day.

Anonymous said...

Rachel! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog from Ben's blog. Happy day!
It is so fun to read your last few posts about your cute kids and how your hair isn't the same either! Having kids does something fierce to it, doesn't it? Which is why mine is still boy short and I don't know if I can ever stand to have it long again. That and I am just way too lazy or busy to spend any amount of decent time on it. Good thing I don't have to attract new dates anymore.
Amy (Bingham)