The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Sunday-full of Blessings

Sunday was a wonderful, albeit totally hectic, day. First of all, it was the blessing day for my brother Peter's new baby. That was first thing to go on our calendar. And then we found out that it was also our Primary Program, and since our kids are about 10% of the whole primary, we felt we needed to be there, especially considering the fact that I was bribing my kids to participate nicely in it. (I was not doing another year of them hiding under their chairs in the fetal position, think of me what you will.) And THEN we had the happy news that my other brother Adam would be coming into town with his family to bless their new baby that afternoon at Whitley's parents' home in Woodland, UT, 1 1/2 hours from Salt Lake. Of course this all happened on Peter's 1st daughter's second birthday. Mayhem! Wonderful mayhem!

I was so excited that we got to be a part of all these things, and that I would get to meet the final member of this year's trio of girls. We could only stay a few minutes at the first blessing so we weren't there for pictures, but I'll tell you, the flashbulbs were popping that afternoon. Here's a few of the resulting treasures. I so wish Margaret and her three girls had been able to be there! We were missing the oldest trio of granddaughters because Margaret had a cello performance that day. Hopefully Christmastime will grant us another photo opp.

Granddaughter #3. I mean #9.

Playing "Pass the Baby"

After a lovely dinner we all went outside to watch a giant moose wander up the hillside.

How awesome that the two boys were born within a year of each other. Best buddies for sure.

The pictures we've all been waiting for! They all are here, happy day!

Oma's Girls. Well, 2/3rds of them anyhow.

As you can probably tell, it really was a wonderful day. I'm so grateful to my sisters-in-law for being really special people and for marrying my brothers. And I'm so thrilled to have these three babies in the family. I'm sure they're going to get SO SICK of having their pictures taken together, but that's just too dang bad. I really hope all three of them are as close as Stomper and Smith, and that Bitty chooses to not be a total and complete tyrant over her generation of granddaughters. So far, so good. I'm sitting here smiling just looking at the pictures.


Misty said...

Love seeing the Romney family similarities. :) How fun to have so many babies so close together.

Keersten said...

How cute are those little girlies? They are going to have so much fun growing up together!

Adair said...

oh my goodness, could all those grandbabies be any more gorgeous. You sure have a neat family and I just feel so blessed to know you!

Bella said...

i can't believe all those girls!! so fun!

Melissa said...

Catching up on all the posts. Such cute pictures of Bundle! Good job on getting the photos on the 4 month day! It will be so fun to have all those girl cousins the same age. We love it in our family. Let me know if you figure out the sourdough starter. Harder than goldfish? I'm in big trouble then because we refer to our aquarium as the corner of death.