The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Day of School (was almost a week ago...) !

Yeah, I'm a little behind here.  Which is par for the course, I'd say! 

Stomper has begun 2nd grade.  He has the much-revered Mrs. Lloyd, and I'm so happy for him because she's known far and wide as (and I quote), "The nicest teacher on the planet."  It thrills me how much Stomper loves going to school.  He even asked, one evening last week, if he could go to bed early because he was ready for the next day to start.  I go to bed too late every night for the opposite reason! 

Here is a nice picture of Stomper on his first day:

(Bitty doesn't start school until after Labor Day, but she's so excited that she wears her backpack everywhere, including to bed once.)

And here is a not-so-nice picture of him, which I think fits the 2nd-grade-boy image perfectly:

May he never make that face at the reportedly very nice Mrs. Lloyd.  Man, I hope this year goes well for him.  He is finally in the same class as one of his best friends in the neighborhood, and the boys are notoriously silly when they're together.  I was anxious on the first morning as Stomper chose to sit by him as well as two or three other good but occasionally spastic boys.  I almost intervened but figured Mrs. Lloyd has seen her share of 7 year old boys and can probably manage the situation.  Besides, when I asked the friend how class was after the first day he excitedly told me, "I sat by Stomper and I didn't go Cuckoo!" All right! So far, so good, so it would seem. 

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