The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Weekend, Big Stomper

Last weekend was the last of our major weekends for a while (not including Thanksgiving and Christmas, which should really count but I don't feel like counting them so I'm NOT). What with birthdays, Halloween, and other events, life has been busy.  And the weekend topped it off.  In a good way, of course.

Stomper turned eight last month which means that he was able to get baptized.  It was such a neat weekend!  Both of my brothers were able to be in town - Adam from Los Angeles and Peter from St. George. It was so nice of them to come.  Plus Troy's family was as supportive as ever.  Well, since everyone in my family was around, we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner early, seeing as how on the actual Day O' Turkey my siblings won't be here.  We did that on Friday night.  I'm sorry to say that the dinner was so hectic and crazy that almost no pictures were taken.  But there was yummy food and great company and it was so wonderful having everyone together.  On Friday I was at my folks' house when Adam and his kids arrived.  I borrowed the two older kids and took them with me to pick up my own kids from school.  It was so fun to surprise my kids with their cousins - and very gratifying because both Stomper and Bitty freaked out, jumped up and down, and embraced their cousin feircly.  Cousins are awesome.  So yeah, dinner on Friday night was bedlam.  But hey, that's how it goes when you get everyone together and we decided that we'd rather have bedlam than not.  Okay, we did manage to sneak in a few shots of the cousin/triplets:

Stomper's baptism was on Saturday, and I'm so very grateful to the many folks who worked hard to put it together.  Believe me, there were many.  And it was a lovely service. My brother Adam spoke as well as Troy's brother Rick.  What nice talks they shared. And I was so proud of Stomper.  It's kind of hard, I imagine, to be a young kid and have many many people pay you lots and lots of attention plus you're expected to act in a quiet, grown-up kind of way.  He did great. 


Kath said...

Congratulations to Stomper. Glad we were able to be there for his special day!

Jardinefamily said...

I can't believe he is 8. I still remember you guys bringing him home from the hospital to a house with no heat. What a great thing that your bros came in for it. We are headed to my nephew's baptism in NM over Thanksgiving.