The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can't Believe I'm Going to Post This

Sunday afternoon.  Dinner at a friend's house with my family.  Chatting happily with the grownups in the kitchen. Kids playing around the house.  Stomper and his buddy come running in and start babbling excitedly about....something...a computer game....not too sure what they're talking about because they're so excited.  Finally Stomper settles down and starts drawing a picture of the game.  He shows it to me.  "Oh, a superhero!" I say.  "Is that a P on his shirt?  Is that 'P' man?...?  Oh, you say that's 'Pee' Man?" Huh.  Maybe we'd better go check out this computer game.

Well, somehow Stomper and his buddy found a game on the computer that really is called Pee Man.  A little superhero flies through a city, collecting beverages from maidens hanging out their apartment windows. With every drink there's a little bladder at the top of the screen that fills with yellow fluid. More fluid equals more, uh, :pee power," I'll call it. Meanwhile, a giant poo-monster is attacking and your job is to pee on him.  I can not believe this game.  Stomper thought it was the most amazingly wonderful game ever.  Troy and I checked it out at home and pretty quickly decided it was a no-go for our family.  Not so educational or appropriate in any way.  Of course, Troy and I decided this after playing it for a good 15 minutes, giggling the whole time.  But we're not letting the kids near it.  I couldn't bring myself to dispose of the drawings that Stomper did of the game - so funny.  So not appropriate.  So going to put them in his "hang on to until the wedding breakfast" file.  Ah, high quality learning materials at your very fingertips!  (You know, with all of the trouble Bitty's had with the whole potty thing, maybe I should let her play....)


Melissa said...

That's funny stuff. I so have to make sure Jonas doesn't find this game. (Shawn either for that matter.)

Cullen said...

I am completely lost for words! My favorite bit is that it took you and Troy a full 15 minutes before you decided the game was a no-go!

Too, too funny!

Lainey said...

I am still laughing.. maybe we should check it out :) a fun date night activity

Kath said...

Gross! How (and why?) do people come up with this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Who makes these games?! Junior high boys, I'm sure. So funny! And now I'm crossing my fingers that our boys never find that game. They would LOVE it!