The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anyone Home?

Hello?  Am I here?  I think I remember that I used to really enjoy blogging and now I'm noticing that I seem to have fallen off of the blogosphere.  I wish I could say that it's because I've been so fabulously busy doing exciting things, but really, I think I've been moping. How is it possible that the months of October, November and December flew by at lightening speed cruised by at breakneck speed, and this one darn month is lasting FOR. EV. ER.

Is this ranting how I have begun the last four blog posts?  I think so.  I'll shut up now.

So, we actually did something last week.  Bundle has finally begun her ascent out of illness, thank heavens.  (I'm sure she'll be sick again by next week but let's not think about that right now...)  Stomper got invited to a birthday party at Fairmont Pool and I just couldn't resist bringing the girls along and jumping in too.  Last summer we had a pool pass and it didn't work out super well because the big kids would want to swim for hours but Bundle could only take it for 20 or 30 minutes.  I think those days are over - I had to drag her out of the pool after two hours.  Her lips were blue, she was clinging to me for warmth, and yet she was just furious when we got out.  She had a ball.  Stomper and Bitty have been water babies forever now, but this is a new discovery for Miss Bundle.  Good fun - I'm looking forward to many more swimming outings in the near future.

Speaking of Bundle, I do have to say that she is winning hearts right and left these days. She has decided to start talking all of a sudden.  She'll give most people's names a good try.  She's very devoted to several of my friends.  And she's starting to put words together into little sentences.  Today's sentence was "Emma's Poo," which was a little less charming than usual.  My favorite so far has been, "More Pink!"  I held up a shirt with some pink on it and she just went nuts.  "More pink, more pink!"  Oh boy. My other favorites of her words are "buttie" for belly button, "puck" for cup, and "ahh-nut" for all done.  Oh, and "ah-gooo" for hold you.

Okay, new goal.  Return to the land of the happy blogger.  Will do.

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Bella said...

bundle is so dang adorable! 'more pink'!! looks like the pool pass will be a must this summer!