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The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mary the Poppins

Guess what - I just noticed that my last entry was my 500th post.  Five HUNDredth.  That's a lot of history there.  And typing. Wow.

Okay, so next topic.  Last Wednesday I handed my husband our three darling (well, two darling and one sobbing, but she was okay after a while) children and left the house.  First of all, I took my friend The Becky for her first experience at the single best pizza joint ...anywhere. Ever. Settebello.  I don't think she was prepared for what she was about to experience. I tried to tell her, and I think she knew she was going to enjoy some pizza, but you should have seen the look on her face after she took her first bite.  It came after a nice fat helping of the Insalata Grande (a complete MUST), and it was the best pizza they have at Settebello.  It's called ...the Settebello.  Her eyes widened in shock and then closed in absolute dreamy joy.  If you've been there you know what I'm talking about.  My dear friend and fellow Settebelloist Krista and her sweet mother-in-law joined us.  We sat there trying to fit as much pizza inside ourselves as we could for so long that we were almost a little bit late for our next event, an event I have been waiting for for at least a year.

I owe our school librarian a huge thank you for arranging for discount tickets to the many amazing shows that come to our local playhouse, The Capitol Theater.  We went to The Lion King last summer, the kids and I, but this time I went with girl friends and saw Mary Poppins.  At first I was feeling bad that I left my kids out this time, but I have to say after a few minutes of the show I was pretty glad that I left them at home. It's not that the show wasn't great; it was.  It just moved very quickly and deviated hugely from the movie.  We all really loved The Lion King because it was such a grand, sweeping epic show.  The artistic strokes it painted were broad and strong and just amazing.  Mary Poppins had a very quick pace and was slightly hard to follow.  I would have had to explain a lot to my kids and instead I got to just sit back and enjoy it.  It really was quite a spectacle, and my favorite part about it were the sets.  It was as if everything, including the Banks' home on Cherry Tree Lane, began as a pencil drawing on paper.  The big house unfolded like a popup book.  And color was added like paint.  It was so cool.  And the big dance numbers were so much fun.  So no, it have quite the grandeur that The Lion King did, but it was a great deal of fun anyhow.

Next year I hear that both Beauty and the Beast and Wicked are coming, but from what I understand, they're both so popular our school might not be able to get the tickets.  We'll have to see.  I sure love seeing these Broadway productions.  I'm so amazed by the creative talents people have that produce works of art like these. 

So I do have to say that I feel I need to take on more Mary Poppinseque qualities.  She had some great lines in the show.  Such as:

 Michael, "I really don't like that!"
Mary Poppins, "I really don't care!" 

Becky and I decided that we liked her sassy, confident yet kind attitude.  She's so sure she's right about everything and won't budge no matter what.  But she's nice about it.  I call it her "damn straight" attitude.  I think this would be a great addition to my parenting style.  We'll see how it goes.

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Misty said...

Saw it in London and loved every minute of it. Awesome. :)