The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Crawdaddin' Trip

Troy has really enjoyed taking the kids crawdad fishin' over the past couple of years.  (Sorry, I just can not put a "g" on the end of fishin' or any other ing-words when I'm talking about crawdads.  Just doesn't go.)  I have myself never braved the trip because they started happening at the same time that Bundle joined our family and she wasn't super fishing-compatible for the first few years.  But this year for our first trip...(Did you catch that? When I said the word "first" that implied that there would be another trip too. Look out!)....Troy convinced me that I should come along and Bundle too.

Turns out that as much as I don't really like eating crawdads, fishing for them is fun!!  Okay, you have to get used to walking through a little bit of stinky mossy stuff at the lake shore, but once you start to see the little guys swimming around in the water and you nab a couple with either a net or some bacon on a hook, you kind of get into it.  I see why my kids go absolutely nuts for it.  I just don't get why they like eating them.  Or why I have to do all the shell-peeling.  But really, it was fun to join in on the fishing.

For the next trip Troy is planning an over-nighter so I don't think Bundle and I will join in but I will say that in the future I'm totally game for joining in on the hunt.  I would like someone to explain to me why I like eating crab so much and just can't get into crawdads.  But there you go.  I support the craving of my children.  My children, who won't eat a cucumber but will devour alien-looking crustaceans from a mossy lake.

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