The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, September 06, 2012

One Last First

After celebrating Bitty's birthday all day long it was a little tricky to get the kids into bed at a decent hour on our first school night of the 2012-2013 year.  We had a summer full of late nights and though we tried to get kids to bed earlier that last week of summer we totally failed.  I guess that's why it felt like such a surprise to actually have to wake up and get organized and moving the next morning, despite the fact that I had been mentally looking forward to school all summer long.  Oh hello, I guess I do have to drag you all out of bed and oh yes, I think I forgot that I need to make lunches and what, you want me to do your hair before 9am? Surprise!

I am very happy with both Stomper and Bitty's teachers and am looking forward to a great year ahead.  It's kind of funny, Stomper just started his 5th year of school here and has had five wonderful teachers so far.  You would think that Bitty would have had a least one of the same teachers as her big brother but so far not a single teacher has been a repeat.  I'm not sure what that means.....but I will say that it is fun to get to know more of our wonderful faculty and have been pleased all around.

First Day for the Big Kids

That was two weeks ago and since then we have had a second first day of school, this one a little more poignant than the first.  Little Bundle turned three this summer and like her older siblings before her I wanted to put her into a two-day-a-week preschool to get her started.  Despite the fact that beloved Miss Patty retired just in time to not have Bundle in her class, I feel lucky because I found a good friend who not only recommended the preschool at West High but was sending her own fourth child there this year.  We can arrange car pools and trade play dates and all the good stuff.  I just didn't anticipate this one little thing.

You know how there are some moms out there who are all... you know, like.... SAD when their kids start school?  Some even cry or feel lonely for a while?  Well, that has never been me.  I have never been anything but excited both for me getting a little breather and my dear child starting off on an exiting new journey.  Given my general elation when it comes to sending my kids to school it was rather unnerving to arrive with a curious and excited Bundle and then suddenly to be gripped by this overwhelming feeling of dread, panic and sadness....I had to give her a quick kiss and dash out the door so I could go hide in the car, call Troy and say, ".....wwwaaahhhh!"  And also ask to him the difference as between a heart attack and and a panic attack.  :)

Bundle's Big Day
Showing off her backpack - a birthday present  from her Grandparents

She had a great first day and had nothing but glowing reports of  her new teacher Miss Celeste and all the new activities and friends.  I was mostly just happy to get my little gal back in my arms.  I guess I do have a heart after all.

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