The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pollyanna Deserves a Little Respect

Remember how dorky Pollyanna could be, her and that lame little Glad Game she used to play?  (I know, I'm just kidding, I totally loved that movie too but just hear me out.)  I just want to say that Pollyanna has earned a little more respect from me - it's harder to be glad about crappy situations than you'd think.

Take for example the massive shopping trip I went on last week, trying to carefully select our groceries from Costco, noticing that prices on several of our staples had gone up, including the giant jug of popcorn.  I loaded the groceries into the back of the car and headed to WinCo for phase two of the trip. I opened up  the back hatch to grab a reusable bag (that's just the kind of responsible green shopper I am) when the plastic jug of popcorn launched itself out and exploded at my feet, leaving a mountain of kernals in the parking lot just under the van's tailpipe like some kind of automotive blow-out.  I didn't feel glad. At all.  But then I looked and realized that the jug still held over half of its measure of popcorn.  And I tried to be glad, at least just a little.  It's not easy. But I did it. I shall try to apply the Glad Game to other crappy situations sure to come my way.

Pollyanna, you rock.

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jefferies said...

Oh yes! I hear ya! Same deal with our maple syrup from Trader Joes. The REAL maple syrup that costs $20 a jug. Yeah, our toddler poured it all over the table and floor. And I just didn't let myself get upset. He only poured out half the jug...AND I saved a lot of what he poured on the table in a glass canning jar. Is that yucky? I think not when it is almost $10 worth of syrup! The funny thing is that I"ve never actaully seen Polyanna! Lol.