The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, May 27, 2013

No More Sally For Me!

In the words of a great birthday card I received for my birthday, "Holy Crap! You're 40!"

Yes, it's true. I turned 40. And I can no longer quote one of my favorite movie lines ever:

Sally: (through thick tears) "....and I'm going to be 40!!"
Harry: "When?"
Sally: "Someday!"
Harry: "In EIGHT years!!"

Well, I guess I can still quote it but it no longer applies to me. Because I made it! I'm here.'s great. Weird. Fine. Great. It's fine. I'm glad to be here. I was kind of hoping to feel slightly more like a grown up at this point but maybe I better just let that go.

And by the way, this funny thing I found on Facebook is...really really true.

I ended up having a great day - Peter and his family came up from St. George and we spent the morning at the zoo with a whole bunch of really hyper loud zoo guests. We didn't stay very long. But it was still fun. Sheri took me for a pedicure in the afternoon - that is something that will always make my day. I have been admiring my shiny red toes ever since.

And then we had a small gathering in our back yard - mostly the soccer mommies from school and a couple of old mission friends, a couple of gals from the neighborhood. It was great. Yes, it meant that there was some cooking and cleaning that went on during my birthday, but it was totally worth it. It was so nice to sit out in the spring evening air eating yummy food - holy smokes my friend Kalleen made an AMAZING coconut cake - and enjoying some of the wonderful people in my life. My family, friends in the neighborhood, friends I've known forever - it just made me feel so loved and so happy. And I know I have many more friends - dear beloved friends whom I love like crazy - I just feel so blessed in friends. And in life too.
Not too deep, I know. I don't know what else to say.

And now, in the disturbing words of my brother, on to my 5th decade.  (Ack!!!)

We got my parents to do a little waltz demonstration for us - it got us a little teary

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Linda Ross said...

Happy belated birthday! Great picture of your folks!