The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tribute to Bitty

My favorite thing to report about Bitty's activities this spring was a little presentation her class put together.  They were to each design a super hero and then create a comic strip about their super hero.  Each super hero was to be someone who did good things for their communities.  Bitty created someone by the name of "Mr. Scribbles."  I am still not entirely clear on just exactly what Mr. Scribbles does to better his community but I think it has something to do with having the ability to find something bad, scribble it out and replace it with something good.  Something like that.  Anyway, after the class finished their creations they invited their families to a special event in which we could come and view their characters and comic strips, and the kids could dress up as their super heroes if they wanted.  If they wanted?  Of course they would want to! (Just what I want at the end of the year - another costume to put together...)

Bitty carefully described her character to me and how she thought we could create a costume; basically a shirt and pants covered in scribbles.  I had the idea to hot-glue yarn all over an old tee shirt and pair of pants.  I was pretty excited that I thought I already had everything I needed and would not be pulling an all-nighter over another costume this year.  (Yes, of course I procrastinated the creation of the costume until the night before.)  I put the kids to bed, I got started.  And discovered that I was out of glue and found myself walking blearily down the isles of Smith's Marketplace at 10:30 at night.  Somehow I can't manage to have a simple straightforward project, can I?  Despite the last-minute nature of the costume, I still think it came out cute enough.

She also had a music show-and-tell performance that it was extremely vital I attend.  Why?  Well, because I forgot to put the last one on my calendar and completely missed it and arrived at school that day to find an absolutely crushed little girl. Yes, one of those fabulous parenting moments.  So I made really really sure not to miss this one and I enjoyed watching Bitty positively BEAM at us for the whole performance.

Also of note was our school's end of year Arts Showcase - one of the busiest nights of the year, especially for me, being our PTA's volunteer coordinator. It is such a crazy night - our halls are completely stuffed with with proud parents and excited kids, each hunting down several of their own art displays. It is worse than Disneyland at Christmas time. (No, Sheri, I did not mean "better than.") The truth is that if we could convince our kids to skip it we would. But they get to display art they have been working on all year, including a ton of really cool items each class collectively makes and then puts up for auction. And they are so excited. So Troy comes to take pictures of the kids by their art while I am in the thick of things managing all the volunteers. It's a busy night. Troy deserves an award.

Bundle and Bitty earned some fabulous eye-wear after completing their art-work scavenger hunts.

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