The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, August 25, 2014

Romney Gatherings

Hi.  School just started today and already I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open but....I MUST BLOG ON!  As per usual, the things I want to make a record of are piling up faster than I'm writing them down and, well, you know.  It's how I do stuff I guess.

The middle of August brought almost all of my family together.  Adam and co. came down from Seattle - I was going to call it The Great White North but I think it's been hotter up there than it has been down here for most of the month.  Sheri came up from the south, although her dear hubby couldn't make it, which bummed us all out because we love our Peter.  In all seriousness, Peter is one of my and my husband's dearest friends.  I'm very grateful that I get along so well with each of my siblings and count them each as a close friend and confidant.  Peter, we need to see you soon.  Anyway, with my brothers' families both in town we were able to plan some fun family time.  Adam and Whit spent part of their vacation at a hotel in Park City and we were only too happy to come take over the pool for an evening, plus hang out in the room eating pizza and salad (as Sheri has noted, no Romney meal can possibly be complete without a salad!), playing cards, getting totally cuted-out by two seriously adorable almost-one-year-olds, and letting all those piles of cousins just go play.  Little girls everywhere.  EVERY where.  Although...we didn't get very many pictures of them.  They just weren't holding still.  But these two babies, who met for the first time on this evening, probably got slightly over-photographed.  We couldn't help it.  I mean, look at them!

The next day Sheri and I decided to go crazy and try to kill ourselves.  We did this by first going to the zoo with our combined six children as well as my parents.  I'm so glad my folks came - they really had a good time.  I don't know when my dad actually visited the zoo last.  It seems like it wasn't that long ago, but there've been many additions to the zoo recently, and dad seemed very excited to be there.  He really had a good time - as noted by the way he talked extensively to many zoo keepers, was super interested in the animals and even climbed around on some of the kid stuff with his grandkids.  It was really fun, and the trip yielded some great pictures of him.

After the zoo - this is the suicide part - Sheri and I picked up my husband and went to have a last summer hurrah at Seven Peaks Water Park where we discovered that although many summer Saturdays had low attendance, if you pick one of the last Saturdays before school it's going to be packed.  There were so many people there!  And it wasn't even that warm.  I swear, I've never felt summer cool off as early as it has this year.  Maybe we're in for some hot weather ahead, but August has been so mild.  We still had fun - and we still spent the last of our Seven Peaks dollars on those delicious fries.  So sad that my favorite part of the watermark is their french fries.

In the evening, though we were nearly dead after that day, we had some super with my parents who returned for more grandkid time.  Most everyone enjoyed a walk to the park after dinner, which made our movie plans not happen due to group-exhuastion, but that's all good!  Walking to the park on a summer evening is much better than a movie, especially when you get pictures like these:

Oh we love our cousins.  It was a busy weekend - especially without Peter there to lend a hand.  Sheri and I had plans to hang out late and talk and watch movies but instead we did this really weird thing where we were tired and went to bed.

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Cullen said...

I don't know who the cute baby is with the flower on her head sitting in the bucket swing . . . but all the previous records of adorableness have now been broken.