The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Someone Turned Nine!!

Just a few weeks ago it was looking like Bitty's birthday would coincide with the first days of school once again, and it was with great relief that I got word that our school district's schedule had changed.  Sorry for anyone who was not happy with our later start date, but I was so happy that Bitty's birthday happened on a summer day instead of in the chaos of the start of school.  It didn't take much thinking for Bitty to decide how she wanted to celebrate her birthday - I asked her what she wanted and she knew right away how we should spend the day.

The morning began with waffles.  Not just any waffles - Belgian Waffles.  The good kind made hours ahead with yeast and chunky sugar and whipped cream on top.  And of course a there had to be a small gift or two from her family.

Bitty has wanted rain boots for a very long time - just ask Aunt Sheri

I LOVE surprised-birthday-face

We didn't have any special lunch plans so her dad came and picked her up for a surprise Birthday Lunch at Whole Foods - her Aunty Margaret takes her there some times and she loves going.  I think it's just a happy I-am-special kind of place for her.

I love the picture I snapped of Bitty and Troy right before they left:

That girl's happy face is one of my favorite things in life.  So cute.  

After their lunch, we headed off for her official birthday celebration, which was to take one of her bestest friends to Build-a-Bear workshop and go bananas.  We didn't go as bananas as she would have liked, but if felt pretty bananas to me.  

Introducing - Lolly the Teddy Bear!

Bitty's friend picked a bunny named...Samantha?  Maybe?  

Introducing....Evo!  (Still not quite sure where that name came from)

Introducing....Rizzo!  Bitty really wanted to pick a bear that no one else picked but finally caved and didn't put up a fuss when her little sister wanted the same bear.  

A note on Build-a-Bear....these things are starting to pile up at our house.  They have come into our home through Christmas, birthday parties of our own and other kids' - we've got a quite a few.  It's getting ridiculous but I guess I'll have to stand up for them.  They're very very sweet little plushies (possibly a new noun I have just coined) and each one is known by name by everyone in the family and are deeply loved by each kid.  I guess I'm just resigned to my fate of death-by-plushie as we are gradually buried alive year by year.

After our exciting outing we hustled home to tidy the house and get to work on dinner.  Bitty was so cute about this too - I asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner and surprisingly she came up with a very specific idea - teeny tiny little hamburgers on teeny tiny little buns.  Okay!  It's your birthday!  I'll do it!  We invited grandparents and the family of one of Bitty's other dear dear friends (it helped that her parents are our dear dear friends as well).  We ate teeny tiny hamburgers on teeny tiny buns as well as grapes and salad (it's a Romney dinner!  Of course there's salad!) and a fabulous (though not very pretty) cake, which fit Bitty's requirements of a LEMON cake with VANILLA frosting with STRAWBERRY ice-cream with CHOCOLATE sauce.  She wanted all bases covered.

This is sad but it doesn't happen often any more that my mom actually looks into a camera when her picture is being taken so this was fun and a rare chance to catch her eyes for a picture

Getting ready for her last surprise .....
A New (to us....) Bicycle from her grandparents!  

Bitty my darling girl, happy birthday and may the year ahead be a wonderful one.  Sometimes I wish you came with your own instruction manual so I could be a better parent for you, but no matter what our ups and downs are each day (and the ups are definitely more frequent than the downs!) you are my treasure and I adore you.  I often just sit back and look at you in wonder, trying to fathom that you are really my daughter!  We are so lucky to have you!

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Linda R said...

Those little burgers look great! What a fun idea. Good to see your mom and dad smiling.