The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Start of The Magical Year

I'm just planning on this being a magical wonderful year, no matter what.  The first reason is because this is the ONE and ONLY year that all three of my children will be in the same school.  Just saying that makes me a little sad actually, and it already feels like the year is going to fly by.  Seeing as how it's still August and I'm blogging about the FIRST day of school I shouldn't fret about that too much I guess.  I just know it's going to cruise though.  It will be so lovely and easy for me to just take all my kids to school at the same time, just around the corner, and pick them up at the same time every day. And at a school that I absolutely and totally adore!  Wow!  I can already tell I'm going to miss that for the rest of having kids in school.  Again, I MAY be getting a little ahead of myself.  Another contributing factor to this so-called magical year is that my wee little Bundle is going to start full-day kindergarten.  I know I'm going to miss her and it's so weird and crazy and sad and happy to see my baby gal go off to all-day school, but she's going to love it.  This girl craves action all day long - activities, art projects, playing pretend - she never lets up.  The thought of her being actively engaged in learning all day long is a very happy one because I think she's going to EAT IT UP.

And let's not lie.  I am not going to be sad about having some quiet time every day.  

There, I said it.  I confess.  I'm going to love it.  

We also have three of my favorite teachers in the whole school this year.  Stomper has Ms. Parker - she is the cutest gal whom I know from high school.  She's a good friend of my younger brother and it was fun to see a familiar face when she started teaching a few years ago.  But now that we have her for a teacher I'm learning just what a wonderful teacher she is.  Fabulous.  Organized.  Funny.  Playful.  Strict.  Yay!  Bitty, for the first time ever, has a teacher who also taught Stomper.  Never have they repeated teachers before, isn't that weird?  Mrs. Farrell, I already know, helps these new 4th graders really apply what they spent the first years of school learning.  She's great, I feel like we've been neighbors for years, I'd do anything for her, she calls me sweetie.  Of course I love her!  And Bundle....the lucky duck!  Her teacher, Mrs. Yaeger, started teaching 3rd grade the year Stomper was in 3rd.  I didn't want him with a new teacher I didn't know, and was relieved when he wasn't assigned to her class.  And Stomper had a great 3rd grade year - I loved his teacher and still do.  But I also saw that I was very dumb for having any doubts about Mrs. Yaeger.  What a cool lady she is - another person in life I just wish I could be neighbors with.  And happy for us, she switched to kindergarten last year and I was just psyched to get Bundle into her class.  Three absolutely wonderful teachers, three exciting grade levels for the kids, and I will actually be able to get stuff done at home without either feeling guilty for distracting Bundle to leave me alone or having her at my heels all day. 

Now I feel like a bad person.  I really am going to miss her - my alone time with her is almost gone, and I'm sad!  It's just that (yes I'm doing some justification here) I know she's going to love it.  It's time for her, and it's time for me.  I may cry a little, and I may not!

So fun to see the kids meet up with some of their favorite school chums:

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