The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Finally Finally!!

Oh my gosh it actually happened.  Kindergarten started.  And little Bundle could not be happier.

Okay, it's totally time for a new name for her, this is getting ridiculous.  I will brainstorm.

I have to say here that I'm so grateful for how her first morning went.  It could have been so messy and stressful - I was in charge of a New Parent Breakfast at school, which began right at drop-off time.  I had to get the breakfast all set up before 8:25 when the bell rang plus I had a brand-new kindergartener to photograph and fawn over and see to class for the first time!  Plus Troy had early morning meetings that day and was gone by 7:00.  But...the stars all aligned, my guardian angels were standing by and it all worked!  The biggest blessing was that my two big kids were happy.  And helpful.  And moved their bodies quickly.  This is not normal for a school day morning.  (Okay, not normal for Stomper, but Bitty has been so in love with school these first days that she spends her mornings twirling in fits of joy.)  Anyway.  It was awesome.

Bundle woke up really early.  I was actually expecting her to have some nerves or jitters or something  - I mean, this is the girl who pretends to be asleep every time we go through the checkout at Costco.  She puts her head in her arms and closes her eyes and emits small snoring noises so none of the checkers will talk to her.  She gets a little shy of strangers.  But no way - she was jumping to go.  She helped me make our breakfast, load the school breakfast into the car, pick out her clothes (she was supposed to go in cowgirl clothes the first day) and was on the front lawn for pictures before the big kids were out of bed and dressed.  And thank you big kids for getting up, getting dressed and just shutting up and helping me get out the door and to the school in time to do a quick set up.  Bitty was the one who waited with Bundle outside her classroom door for the bell to ring, but I was able to hop in there quickly and snap a picture of Bundle on her kindergarten mat.

I love how her backpack is so large she can hardly keep from tipping over backwards

Sigh.  Could they be any sweeter?
Stomper took this for me while I was quickly (but calmly, thanks to him!) setting up breakfast

Oh my heart, it just filled me up to see Bundle so entirely happy to be at school.  So anxious to learn the classroom routine, to finally get some homework (Stomper is perplexed by her reaction), to meet kids and have recess and lunch and all the other wonderful parts of being a student.  She loves it.  Even when I picked her up she was just as happy and energetic as when she started the day.  I was expecting her to be wiped out but not this gal.  She just took it all in stride like she had been going to full-day kindergarten all her life.

And me?  How was I after returning home at 10:00 to a quiet and empty and completely filthy house?  Awesome, that's how.  I plunked down on the couch and just stared at the ceiling for a really long time.  I may or may not have been wearing pants, I'm not telling.  I just sat there.  It was pretty nice.  I do plan on being very productive with this time over the coming months but just give me a few days, okay?

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Cullen said...

Love the backpack. Is it designed for a seven-foot tall college student?!