The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cap's Book One Recital

In another mind-bending flash of time, it has been three full years since my kids started taking cello lessons from the greatest cello teacher ever, my sister.  When I say that she is the greatest ever, I actually mean that very sincerely.  I have never known of a teacher before who is more interested in kids having a happy, positive relationship with music.  She meets the kids where they are at each and every lesson, and we have never once not ever come away from a lesson feeling bad, embarrassed or defensive, no matter how much any of us felt that way going into the lesson. She's magnificent, and I'm so grateful to call her our teacher and my sister.

I don't think most kids take three years to finish Suzuki Book 1....but in the spirit of Margaret I'm not going to worry about that, I'm going to celebrate the fact that music is a part of my kids' lives, that they enjoy the cello and that they are progressing.  Cap finished learning all the pieces in Book 1 this spring and to celebrate, we held a small gathering on our back porch where Cap and Margaret played through all of the pieces.

Cap did a beautiful job.  I have so enjoyed listening to his musicality and expression develop, especially over the past school year.  He's really playing nicely.  And to top it off, he sometimes gets out his cello and plays without being asked to. Jaw drop!! He is a big fan of movie music, and often spends time trying to sound out the themes he loves.  We hear a lot of Jurassic Park and Avengers themes around the house, and it tickles me.  Cap may occasionally grumble about practicing or going to lessons, but he comes away happy almost every time.  What a blessing music is.

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