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The Preslar Family
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Merry Month of May - Skippidy's Teeth

I really feel like it has been a full year or maybe even more since we started discovering a few wiggles here and there among the teeth in Skippidy's mouth.  It's just been those four front-and-center teeth, two on top, two on the bottom that have shown signs of movement for so many months now.  When I first noticed the loose teeth I remember being kind of proud and showing off to the dentist my daughter's very advanced mouth.  Not only is that completely dumb - who cares when a kid loses their teeth?  That's like a sign of...pretty much nothing, right?  But also, she wasn't an early tooth-loser after all. Those babies were ever so slightly loose for months upon months.  I wrote just a few weeks ago about Skippidy's zealous wiggling habits, and things have finally paid off. Her lower two teeth actually seemed to be making progress and finally on a Saturday in the middle of May one little tooth was so loose it seemed like she was going to have to be very careful to not lose it.  It was teetering on one little connecting tissue (EW. Losing teeth can be so gross...) but she absolutely refused to let us put it out of its suffering.  She would not let anyone touch it.  Finally she was invited to go play at a friend's house, and I dropped her off.  Within 2 minutes of me shutting the front door and heading back to my car I got a text from the father of the household proudly displaying a photo of Skippidy sporting a gaping hole in her mouth.  Yes, once Skippidy had been dropped off her friend took one look at her dangling tooth and said, "That is disgusting.  Let me get it out right now." And she totally did.  I was both laughing and kind of bummed that I missed the big moment of the first lost tooth for Skippidy, but we got some good pictures.

The second tooth followed suit within a week, and I can now report that one of her front two teeth will likely be out within the week.  It's very loose and Skippidy likes to show me how she takes her thumb and pushes on it as hard as she can.  It totally grosses me out - I can't stand to watch her do it.  I can just mentally hear snapping enamel and....I'm shivering just writing about it. Blech.

Troy captured these awesome pictures of Skippidy the day of or maybe the day after the tooth came out.  I love these.  I kind of want them blown up and hung on the wall I think they're so great.

By the way, the poor tooth fairy is out of practice around here.  She hasn't been visiting much lately since Cap seemed to spit out half his teeth before kindergarten even started and Bitty has slowed way down as well.  Ms. T.F. discovered late in the evening on the day of the lost tooth that she was totally out of her usual supply of golden dollars and had to place instead four quarters under Skippidy's pillow.  She has since replenished her supply of golden dollars in anticipation of many more teeth making their way to the space under the pillow soon.

And watch out for Skippidy.  If you see her or meet her anytime soon she will introduce herself by not uttering a word but pulling down her bottom lip and displaying the fine gap in her teeth.  You will be expected to express amazement, wonder and delight.

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