The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Weepies AGAIN - joy!

I know it can’t be that interesting for anyone to read what I have to say about going to see my favorite band in concert.  This must be especially true when I have already seen the band twice before and I think I blogged about them then too.  Sorry, can not help it.  The Weepies came to Salt Lake and I got to go. Always something to celebrate and something I will want to remember.  They played in a different venue this time - at The Venue in down town SLC - they’ve only ever come to The State Room before.  Of course, it wasn’t exactly great timing.  The came on a Tuesday night, the night before Skippidy’s birthday, in the middle of an extremely hectic last week of school…by 5pm that day I was already kinda wiped out. But I managed to pull myself together and go out with my husband to see a very wonderful band.  We had such a nice evening together.  We got there a little early, wandered around, listened to a fun opening band duo called Silent War who had delicious harmonies.  We bumped into our very tall friends the Ensigns and were so happy to see them - not only because they were right up against the stage and were happy to let us stand in front of them.  We also really enjoy their company.  I felt a little guilty taking their front row spots but they reminded me that even with us standing right in front of them they had a perfectly clear view of the stage.  They are very very tall.  And the show was fantastic.  Lead singer Deb has recently recovered from breast cancer and I was so happy to see her healthy and singing.  She has a smile like an angel, she really does.  There is something absolutely magic that happens when she smiles.  And her sweet husband is the other half of the duo - what a great pair.  Wish we were neighbors.

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