The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The New Adventures of Skippidy

Skippidy is doing new stuff! And it's exciting!

First of all, we've got this girl swimming. We have never had great experiences with those group swim lessons at a big pool where a cute teenager teachers 5 or 6 kids a lesson.  No one ever seemed to make any progress. Cap and Bitty figured it out on their own, but so far Skippidy has just not gotten the deep down hang of swimming where I know she's safe and can get to the side of a pool on her own. I found out, through that awesome machine called the neighborhood word of mouth, that Westminster College has a pool (who knew?) and that you can sign up for PRIVATE half hour swim lessons for $12 a week.  So worth it!  Skippidy goes swimming with the awesome Sarah once a week and is making real progress.  She's not quite the water-safe swimming gal yet, but almost. I should probably put the other two in a few lessons so they learn some actual skills instead of just knowing how to get around. This teacher is great because she's firm, she doesn't let Skippidy squirm out of things, but is soft spoken and kind too. I really like her.

We take a raccoon-eyes picture every week after she swims. Those goggles are not letting any water in, by gum!

Also, blessings be forever on the head of The Becky, Skippidy started taking violin lessons. I was not sure I was ready to start child number three on the daily practicing schedule, but it seemed unfair not to. And as it turns out, so far, she absolutely LOVES it and practicing with her every day is going so smoothly. I'm sure we'll hit rough patches as she gets frustrated from time to time, but that's nothing new around here! The Becky is a wonderful teacher. Skippidy is really zooming along already. I'm so very grateful for her.

Yay Skippidy in all your new adventures!

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