The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, November 28, 2016

Oh Good. Another Pet.

I must be the biggest sucker of a mom ever. I mean really.  We've done guinea pigs.  We now have two big and getting bigger lizards that have won over our hearts, darn them.  That's been about a year now. Clearly Cap was getting bored. He's been asking to go into the pet store lately, and he's been hovering around the reptile area. I thought it was going to be easy to deny him another reptile, but that's totally not what he wanted.  He was circling the spider.  More specifically the juvenile pink-toed  tarantula.  And he had money to spend. It took a lot of talking about it but eventually he convinced me, on the understanding that this is his last pet. THE LAST.

You know what? It's actually really cool.  It's silent, has no scent, and only eats every two or three days. One little problem. Cap got scared to death the first time he fed it and ever since then guess who is doing the feeding. You got it, mom the sucker.  And it's quite thrilling. This spider is a jumper. You put a cricket on some giant tweezers right up there by Aragog Jr.'s face and it jumps at you and wraps itself around the tweezers. It's alarming and incredibly hard to not scream and throw the tweezers. I may have screamed rather loudly the first time AJ jumped at me.  But I'm much better at feeding it now.  Someday Cap might take another stab at it but I'm not sure.

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Cullen said...

I think Cap has a future in sales. Is there a deal he hasn't been able to close? ;-)