The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good Things

First of all, thank heavens for a little guy named Brandon. We are in such an interesting situation in our neighborhood - we are so close to the university that almost everyone who moves in is just here for school. The houses in the area are either huge (yeah, I don't know what happened at our place.... :) and only affordable by the very wealthy, or they have been divided into apartments. We only know one other family in our ward who actually owns their house. And, as luck would have it, they have a boy just a little younger than CTP. They'll be in the same grade, and they get along beautifully. I actually have many friends in the 'hood with little boys, but they're all at least a year older than C and none of them will be staying for a very long time. I love them all, and hate to think of them going. I'm so grateful there's a chance that Brandon's family will stay. He's another dinosaur man, (you can see them here being t-rexes,) and his mom and I trade play dates at least once a week, sometimes more. Today CTP went over there for like four hours and ...I got a nap!

Also during CTP's absense, RAP and I played outside a little bit. She, like all kids, just loves puttering around outside. She loves running down our driveway, poking the dirt with a stick and just frolicking in general. Her language seems to be developing at last. For months now she'll jabber like a little loon but will only sign actual words. I would say in just the past few weeks she's started trying more words. It's pretty cute. Today she tried "eat," "bath," "toast," "hold you" and best of all, "poopie."

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