The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, February 26, 2007

Q & A

Q: What is worse than having a child with the stomach flu?
A: Having two children with the stomach flu.

Q: What is worse than having two children with the stomach flu?
A: Also suffering from pretty good "morning" sickness.

Q: What is worse than having two children with the stomach flu and suffering from morning sickness?
A: Ending up with the stomach flu yourself.

Not pretty, folks. Not pretty. Just ask Troy. He's the one who had to spend his Sunday mopping us all up, and he's the one who's been sick with a nasty cold for four days. That's all the detail I can give without getting into the severly disgusting...I'll just say this. Shouldn't pregnant moms be off-limits or something? Seriously! Today everyone is pretty much better except me...oh wait, that's just the regular morning sickness.

You know, there was one upside to this day. Well, two. First of all it was a Sunday so Troy was totally available. This was not something I was able to handle on my own. Second, CTP has never been so sweet and tender and polite. He mostly just curled up like a little bug on the couch, watching shows and dozing. He was so sweet with his daddy - specifically requesting Troy's presence next to him because "I need daddy to feel better." He asked for everything he needed in the sweetest little voice with a please and a very deliberate thank you. If only he were like this all the time, minus the barfing, of course. He fell asleep on the floor at 7:45 and that ended our day.

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Adam said...

What you really needed was Chipper to come along and lap it all up!