The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Many Goings On!

So much to tell! First of all, let us joyfully welcome baby L to the Romney clan. Adam has no longer a family of three, but of four. L, a girl, arrived on Friday the 16th at 6:00 p.m. and is beautiful. She actually looks a lot like her big brother S, and he's beautiful too. Adam tells some very funny stories about S on his blog, and the account of L's arrival begins a second Adam-blog. I encourage you to check them out. Adam is turning out to be as funny a writer as his dad and brother. Oh my, that S cracks me up.

Peter's wife, Sheri, is also expecting in October, making the third Romney baby due this year. Holy Fertility, batman. I am hopeful that Sheri and I will have smooth pregnancies and happy births as well. Yay Whitley! L is the only Romney baby born not in the late summer/fall. We have (count 'em) six grand kids all born within three months of each other, three of them within 10 days, and my next one could make the fourth in those 10 days, if we ever figure out when the heck I'm due.

Other happenings? Nothing as exciting as that, I'll tell you. Troy is in San Diego for a few days on business so I'm doing the single parent thing for a few days. Not too bad, but due to the morning sickness we're watching a lot of shows and CTP is having many play-dates elsewhere. Pregnancy is starting to settle in - I'm definitely looking the part, which is nice. I like wearing maternity clothes instead of just the largest articles of clothing I can find. My lump is no longer squashable. Of course, I am wondering if I'm having triplets, due to the two superfluous lumps to be found on my hips, but I think that's probably just the french fries. French fries are what get me through the first three months. I'm trying to just enjoy the journey and feel happy about creating new life along with new hips.

I'll end with my favorite CTP story of the week. We've had a few days of gorgeous weather (despite the snow we got today...) (and I know, we desperately need the moisture, so I'm not complaining). C and his buddy Ryan were playing in the front yard - actually on our neighbor's front yard, where the hill is much steeper and the grass seems to actually grow, unlike our patchy stubble. They were standing at the top of the hill, poising to leap, and shouting, "CHOWMUNGO!" just as they threw themselves down the hill in true super-hero fashion. I can only assume they were meaning "cowabunga," but the emotion was certainly there. Oh, and he would also like us to name the new baby "Ahmuncho." Let's see what spell-check has to say about THAT one.

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carrie said...

Ah Rachel, I miss our walks together, reading your blog gives me a little bit of that back. Reading about your pregnancy makes my heart want another baby, but my brain is still saying "not a chance".