The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snowed In!

We really did have quite the snowy day. Of course the snow started just as we were on our way to preschool - it was a full on blizzard. Traffic lights out, blinding snow blowing everywhere, little sedans slipping and sliding every which way. Thankfully our jeep did fine. The problem was all the other cars that couldn't move anywhere. It took us nearly 40 minutes to get up 1st South from 11th East to 13th East, try to turn south on 13th, then u-turn, go back up 1st South to University Street, south to 4th South and back home on 11th East. It was that bad. We made a good try for preschool, but it was just too nasty. Luckily I called our beloved Miss Patti and she reassured me that they wouldn't be doing anything of vast importance today... as opposed to the unmissable preschool lessons every other day...

Once the snow stopped around noon it was actually a really nice day with some sun shining on the piles of much-needed fresh snow. I thought the day was really going to drag out forever with nowhere to go, but we filled it up with making pizza dough, homemade play dough, and inviting Brandon and his mom over for the afternoon. The kicker was after they left and Troy and CTP spent over two hours in the back yard building a magnificent snow fort. I couldn't believe that C stuck with Troy that long, and vice-versa, frankly. Troy was so cold in his jeans and fleece but C kept wanting turns at digging, which he did very slowly and carefully. They've really had some great father-son time together the past few days.

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