The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dancing Queen

Tonight we were invited to attend a play at the local elementary school to see my sister Margaret's daughter K do some serious singing and dancing and puppeteering. It was quite a show. I took both kids, hoping we'd get a chance to see at least some of the show before RAP made it absolutely clear she was leaving the building (kind of like church) (or any other setting requiring holding still and listening.)

Much to my surprise, once the singing started, R was glued. We were sitting on the floor just in front of all the seating and though C made a few "I'm bored" type comments and mostly just rolled around on the floor, R sat in my lap and avidly soaked it in. Every time a song ended she applauded wildly and then turned to me, signing for more music.

Within a couple of songs, she couldn't contain herself any longer and with every song she'd leap out of my lap and twirl furiously in front of me, bouncing her little bum, swirling her arms and basically dancing her little heart out. I SO wish I had my camera there. I did have a flashback to the Steve Martin movie "Parenthood" in which his toddler escapes on to the stage of the school play and basically destroys the whole thing before they can grab him. Luckily R kept back from the actual performance enough to not be too much of a distraction, but I did catch one dad aiming his camera at her as she danced for a few moments. I felt that that was permission enough to let the dancing go on.

Oh, the joyous moments of parenthood we enjoy when we're not too tired to notice what's going on. Here's a shot of R helping me make our "once was alive but is now dead" (see previous post) chicken we had for dinner. Salad, anyone?


ghd3 said...

Very cute. I'm sorry about the mice -- that surprises me with Alex around and all. Perhaps he's too big to really frighten them.

We also have regular discussions about what it is we're eating. We went to the market the other day and saw a lot of the "dead fish" at the fish stands.

carrie said...

Oh my gosh Rachel, you always make me laugh. the mousecapades post--I was hysterical. We had those little pests at our house downtown too, I opened the dishwasher once and found one inside crawling all over our clean dishes (yuck). Moments like Romney's dancing at the school makes taking "joy in you posterity" easy. so cute-must be a girl thing :)