The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, March 30, 2007

A Day in the Life

Hi. What a day. No photos to go along with this one, just a peek into this lovely day.

Troy had to go to Moab for work. I was happy for him because he loves Moab and I knew he'd get a chance to ride his bike a bit. When he's gone, I have a bad habit of staying up even later than usual. I'm so crazy (I know we already covered that in the last post, but it must be said.) I am so exhausted, yet sometimes the emotional exhaustion outweighs the physical, and I must stay awake after the kids go to bed to have a little free time. So I stayed up and watched "Stranger Than Fiction," with Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson - I loved it. I went to bed at maybe 12:30. RAP has been sleeping well lately... until last night. 3:30 she wakes up - and is obviously in some sort of discomfort because she can't settle down. She's in bed with me, which usually helps, but she rolls around and sits up and asks for grapes and asks for water and sits on my face and stands up etc. until almost 6:00, where upon I let out an inhuman, yet strangely mother-esque shriek: GO TO SLEEP! Guess what. It worked. She started crying, then lay down and went to sleep. I'm prepared to try this technique again.

I let her sleep until 10:00, figuring I'd just try to make her skip her nap. Wow. Grumpy baby. I of course did not sleep until 10:00, but until 7:30 when CTP got up. Wow. Grumpy mommy. Then this afternoon RAP was running outside and tripped and fell, and of course caught herself on her arm. She came in sobbing and holding onto one wrist with the other hand. Oh dear. I let her cry for about 15 minutes before I decided that Friday at 4:00 was a good time to call the Dr. before it became an evening trip to the ER. I must say, I do love our Dr. Durham. (Hooray for your dad, GHD3.) Luckily, R has no broken bones, just a sprain or a bad soft tissue injury. I was a bit of a bummer to leave the office with her still holding her arm and crying, but at least she was castless. She fell asleep on the way home, had a brief nap, and as soon as she woke up, started acting like nothing had ever happened to her arm. Which is good, right? Troy got home from Moab shortly after. He came home early due to it being too dang cold to do much.


Well, now that "today" has become "yesterday," and we've all woken up from a long night of deep sleep, I think we'll be okay. It didn't feel like that at about 4:30 yesterday!

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ghd3 said...

Glad Romney is okay! Ouch. Middle of the night, no sleep, and screaming, squirming babies can be tough. Great post.