The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rachel's Weird Dreams

Meet Steve. He's the now-retired host of Blue's Clues, which I have watched perhaps more than I should have in the past few weeks. Sorry, but all-day morning sickness can lead to some extra t.v. time. This may be more info than you want to know about me, but I just have to share two crazy dreams that make me laugh every time I think of them. One was that Steve and I were really good buddies, and we headed out to grab some lunch one day. Who should be there but Matt Lauer - host of the Today Show. The three of us sat and had a lovely conversation, enjoying lunch, and then Steve and I gave Matt a ride home. Such nice my head, anyway.

My other favorite dream concerned me and my new knife. I just got the most wonderful knife - it's a really nice chef's knife that's so sharp it almost seems like magic. Yes, I love it enough that I dreamed about it. I dreamed that I was in charge of planning an entire summer girl's camp with no one's help my but old boss and Matt Damon. (Yeah, I don't know. I'm crazy.) I also had to cook lunch for both of them. I was so discouraged and overwhelmed and kept making horrible mistakes until I realized I had my trusty knife with me. Hooray for the Santoku Knife! With the help of my one dependable sidekick, I saved the day.

I still chuckle when I think of these dreams, though they're certainly only funny to me. Ha ha, anyone who actually read this entry. Sorry about your wasted time! Perhaps I have revealed too much about myself...but now you have proof that I really am crazy.


Carrie said...

Oh Rachel it wasn't funny to just you it was way funny to me too. I am still laughing as I type.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rachel. Your dreams are so nice and lovely. What a good person you are. I won't even begin to tell you mine about the Kratt's Kreatures brothers. Ooooh boy. Just kidding. Sort of. MRL

ghd3 said...



ghd3 said...

and I didn't know he'd retired. With whom does Blue now spend his days?

napalmbrain said...

Steve is the long lost twin of my orchestra stand partner my junior year, Matt Johnson.
Doesn't he just look like the kind of guy that you'd like to have as an old friend? You could hang out and wail "Mail!!!" together, and when you call each other on the phone you could say, "Hey! It's me, Rachel!" "Hey Rachel, it's me, Steve!"
Also - there must be something about being pregnant that gives you weird dreams. Sheri's having a bunch.