The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hasn't this been FUN?

I must say, I feel as if I'm returning from a sojourn in hell. Pardon my French. I think I've had other entries complaining of illness, and I do apologize for adding another, but it's got to be said. Being sick when you're pregnant just isn't fair. Today is day 14 of possibly the nastiest cold I've had in a decade. It's been horrible! And I need you all to feel bad for me! I think the part of any cold I hate the worst is the sore throat, which usually only lasts two days or so - I had one for more than 10 days. And the sinus infections, headaches, no sleeping, the violent, both the kids got it too. And Troy. Today, I still have many symptoms but I at least feel like I'm turning a corner. I really would like to continue moaning and groaning about this, but it doesn't make for a very interesting entry. I'll sum up with this: Let it be known that I have felt really horrid for a lot of days.

I will comment on a few of my favorite kid moments over the past few days. We've had a LOT of down time. I'm really trying hard to not spread this illness too far and wide, though I did let CTP go to school last Tuesday. I couldn't help it - he was having his first big field trip! He was so excited, and his cold wasn't too bad yet. They went to Cactus and Tropicals, a local nursery. My guess was that they were learning about plants, but all I could get him to tell me about it was that he and his friend Issac were detectives looking for clues. I love his creative little mind.

Anyway, one evening after dinner, we were all enjoying some Oreos dipped in milk. I then let the kids watch a show while I did some cleaning up. After a few minutes CTP came running in and very excitedly told me, "Mom. I just saw a preview for Oreos! We HAVE Oreos! THEY'RE MILK'S FAVORITE COOKIE!!!!" As he said this last part he clenched his little fists and enunciated each syllable by shaking his fists in the air. It was so funny. A "preview," by the way, is his word for commercials. He's picked up on a couple of other commercial messages of this type. Perhaps my favorite was a couple of weeks ago I was brushing C's teeth and he stopped and said something along the lines of, "Mom, does this toothbrush have a tongue and gum cleanser? 98% of bacteria are on your tounge and gums." Okay, thanks for the message that I need to turn off the tv!

RAP is really into "Old McDonald." She loves it when we sing it to her, the more verses the better. Little did you know that Old McDonald's farm includes tigers, monkeys, owls, and even the occasional dinosaur. Lately she's started singing it to herself, almost non-stop. Her version goes, "Old Donald, a cow a cow, moo moo moo." She will sing this to her self 50 times in a row, and I love it. You can get her to add a pig or a sheep once in a while, but her focus is on the cows. Then she figured out she could be funny, and sing about silly things on the farm. "Old Donald, a feet, a feet!" or "Old Donald, a Chase, a Chase." Then she took a look at me and sang, "Old Donald, a tummy, a tummy."

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