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The Preslar Family
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Monday, April 02, 2007

Snotty Even in His Sleep

I'm writing this post partially to procrastinate writing another one - it's now been a week since I returned from a trip with my children and my parents to my home town of Boulder, Colorado (or as CTP says, "Codorado,") and I'm so full of feelings and joys and about 200 pix to chose from I just haven't sat down to write about it yet. Tomorrow.

For tonight, I must tell you that my husband is a very witty person, always quick with a snappy reply or clever response to what you have to say. He does this even in his sleep. He has the uncanny ability to carry on a conversation as if he were awake even when he's not, and many are the times when I have irritatedly reminded him of something we already talked about only to realize that he was asleep when the conversation happened. Some of my very favorite incidents occurred early in our marriage when I was still getting used to his snoring (and before I started snoring myself, apparently and much to my horror.) I'd gently nudge him and say, "Troy, roll over." Once he replied, "how about you roll over instead," and another time he said, "well, which way should I roll?" Snotty, I tell you.

Over the weekend we really didn't even attempt to watch the LDS General Conference. We just wrestle the kids for two straight hours and get frustrated. So we DVRed the whole thing and have planned on watching one talk an evening, starting last night. After we finally got RAP to bed we decided to watch the first talk of the first session, Elder Scott's talk about prayer. Almost as soon as the talk began I looked over at Troy and he was already, uh, ....listening with his eyes closed. If you know what I mean. I said in disbelief, "are you already asleep?" He said in a perfectly normal conversational tone, "No, I'm just saying my prayers." I sheepishly left him alone, until this morning I mentioned it and he started laughing out loud because he didn't remember saying that - of course, he really was asleep.


Carrie said...

HAHA that is hilarious. Cache is a sleep talker too, sometimes in a different language and he only knows english-wierd. I want to see and hear about colorado, so get to it :)

roamingjones said...

That reminds me of a telephone conversation I had with my sleeping mother once - about being late for curfew. Of course the next morning I was in trouble because she didn't remember the conversation! LOL

ghd3 said...

KHD is also an occasional sleep-talker, though usually it's about some random topic. I always try to encourage this by continuing the conversation and asking follow-up questions, but this usually just aggravates her and/or causes her to wake up flustered and/or mad at me.

ghd3 said...

And we'll hope for a Boulder update.....