The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boys in a Bucket

This weekend my brother Adam and his family drove here from Boulder for a wedding. The reception was on Friday night, and S came here to play while they were gone. C and S did much better together than on our trip to his house. C got a little sensitive and huffy, but S was so excited about the new turf that I don't think he noticed. They had a pretty great time. One of the best things about having an unlandscaped yard is that there is plenty of mud to dig and play in. I put both boys in grubby t-shirts over their undies, turned on the hose, and let them go for it. There is nothing quite like seeing little boys playing in the mud. They exude joy.

After I let them get completely and totally filthy, it was time for cleansing. I figured we needed to do some sort of pre-rinse before heading straight to the bathtub. So Troy and I filled our big blue gardening bucket with warm water, stripped them down, and plunked them in. This made for some great pictures, and when they started singing opposing "raining" song, it made for a cute little video (see bottom of post), in which you can see C getting huffy and S not noticing.

S stayed pretty late, and so we put him in some of C's jammies and piled everyone into bed for stories. R even climbed in bed and pulled up the covers all by herself. This is significant because she's a notorious covers-hater. She can't stand to have anything on her while she sleeps and will violently kick off anything that's touching even her feet. I thought she was pretty sweet to tuck herself in. Why isn't she pictured in the mud? It turns out she can't stand getting dirty. "Muddy! Muddy! Messy! Hep you!" (help me) Here's the bedtime shot. Cousins are the greatest!

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