The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, August 23, 2007

'Bout Birthday-ed Out

So, Happy Birthday to all you 8/21sters out there. I'm about done with birthdays for a while. Of course, RAP's is the first in a long string of birthdays on my side of the family - three nieces, one nephew, two siblings, and my son. Not to mention Halloween, which leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to....Christmas. I feel like we're almost there already.

We did have a very nice party for RAP. It was at my folk's house, in their fantastic back yard. I really didn't want to have a big stressful party, and it worked out great. Mom had seen some ladybug party supplies in a cataloge, so we had a pinata and ladybug bubbles and candles. I invited my sister and her three daughters and my friend Becky who brought two of her kids. This gaggle of kids played so well together that they just spent the evening romping, swinging, chasing, etc.

RAP was a little overwhelmed by it all, and only opened one gift, much to the disappointment of my neice. But she got into the birthday song singing and blowing out of candles. I felt I had to made a ladybug cake - it worked out okay. Luckily it tasted better than it looked. It was a lovely creamy lemon cake. All you had to do was scrape off all the sprinkles and it was great.

I'm just so grateful for a lovely family - sitting in the warm summer evening, chatting with dear friends and watching kids playing. We were even blessed by the attendance of a deer and two fawns who live in the hollow - they came right down the hillside and munched leaves only 20 feet away from us.

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Mtnrider9800 said...

Don't forget you favorite cousins birthday in January!!!!!