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The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, I have to own up to it. I went out and bought the third book in the Twilight series know, those young-love, vampire/werewolf teen adventure romances. I couldn't help myself. My friend Misty recommended the first two books to me a few months ago, and when I got them I became a non-existent mom for three solid days while I inhaled them. I've been waiting ever since for the third in the series of four to be released, which it was just today. I dropped the kids off at their various appointments (school and playtime with auntie Margaret) and headed for Barnes & Noble, where the book was completely sold out. By 11 a.m. Oh good. I'm not the only pathetic person in the city. What's really funny is that although I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books I pretended that I would never be so crass as to spend my time on something so purely...whatever. As it turns out every woman in the free world is secretly devouring these books. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had about Twilight in the past three months. It's an epidemic. To quote the Simpsons, (Homer referring to all the adults reading children's fantasy novels,) "Poor broken lonely grownups!" I had to laugh as I watched women leaving the bookstore with two and three copies of the books in their arms, dragging crying toddlers behind them, a gleam of anticipation and hunger on their faces. There will be many neglected children today. Luckily there was still a pile of them at the King's English, where I was somewhat horrified as the woman ringing me up exclaimed, "Oh! Don't forget your free tattoos!" Yes, the book comes with a sheet of curli-que tattoos boasting slogans like "I love Edward" on them. (If you don't know who Edward is, you're either a male or ...I don't know, live on another planet or something.) (Or maybe you just have a life.) I replied, "I feel a little silly taking these." The seller assured me that nearly every book she had sold that day was to a woman in at least her 30's. Great. Somehow Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series (and BYU graduate) has hit a nerve and we've all been sucked (no pun intended) into her story. I think that she pretty much put on paper her deepest fantasy, and we're all enjoying the ride. See you in a few days. If you're one of the three people I know who haven't read these books, well, get on it!


Carrie said...

oh, I want this book, but I am still smoking Potter (Harry Potter, obviously). Cache Horded it and I couldn't get to it until he finished. We can only afford one absentee parent at a time. Lucky, for me there will be another great book to look forward to after the Potter is done. Enjoy the book!

Monica said...

It's going like crazy in our ward too. Except we are a little behind. This month's book club book is the first one! I haven't read it yet. I only have a couple of weeks... but I don't know if I will get it done!

Kath said...

Thanks so much for introducing these books to me...and is there really a 4th one in the works? Oh my! Sam bought me the book on Friday at 3:00 pm...I finished Saturday at 4:00 pm! Unfortunately, I didn't get the you have any extra???