The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Worth Mentioning

Here are some comments made of late that I think are blogworthy.

1. At RAP's Preslar-side birthday party, on Sunday, she recieved a couple of Fisher-Price "Little People" circus toys, and her cute 5-year-old cousin asked his mommy, "Is she rich in circus?"

2. CTP and Troy were lying on CTP's bed, snuggling a little after some pre-sleep stories. They were looking at the plaster texture on the ceiling, finding shapes as you would do while looking at clouds. CTP's first find, he enthusiastically announced, was a "gorgonopsid" face. When Troy told me this, I thought CTP had made it up, but no, it's actually an Paleozoic (think pre-dinosaur) reptilian/mammalian animal. The next thing he saw was a reticulated python. I would imagine finding bunnies and sailboats in the clouds, but not our boy.

3. Little RAP is in a bad pattern lately - she has been getting up early, thus requiring a nap, thus staying up until midnight, and then waking up again very early. This wouldn't be so bad except that she has been so grouchy she's almost intolerable. For example, on her birthday she woke up crying and saying, "I not a good girl!" Yeah, I know it. She was so crabby that while Troy and I were lying in bed (her crib is next to our bed) Troy asked her if she was the devil, and where was her trident? RAP replied, "It's behind my bed!" Oh - well, maybe we should get that removed.

4. Caution: private parts mentioned here. The other day I invited my friend Emily and her three boys over for some afternoon swimming. I could not convince RAP to put on a suit - she just wouldn't do it. I asked Emily if she would mind a naked little girl running around. Emily didn't mind, but cautioned me that there might be some strange looks from her boys. Indeed, just at that moment, her 3-year-old, who was sitting by us, took one look at RAP and got a very quizzical and studious expression on his face, which sent Emily and me into a burst of laughing. Well, Emily reported later on that her 7-year-old was asking what was wrong with RAP and where her "pee-pee" was. Before she came up with an answer, her 3-year-old told all about it - he had it figured out right away. Using his universal 'him' pronoun, he said totally casually, "Oh, him's pee-pee is in him's bellybutton." It's true, RAP has the most outie bellybutton you'll ever see. I do not, however, think there is a "pee-pee" in there.

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napalmbrain said...

oh, man. All these stories were great. I was shaking with silent laughter after every one.

There's something about children's use of pronouns that makes stories like that an extra 20% funny.