The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Goodbye, Fall!

What a lovely fall we had. Really. I got to do so many fun things - hiking in the mountains, doing lots of Halloween stuff, collecting leaves...I feel like I thoroughly enjoyed the fall this year. Sometimes it just seems to rush by too fast. Or it stays summer-hot too long and then suddenly it's snowing. Not this year. It was great.

There was a big storm that came through Utah this weekend. On Friday I swore to Troy that I heard on the radio something about "4 to 8 inches" of snow. He thought I had it wrong and that it was the mountains that were really going to get it, which is great. On the news that evening the weather report didn't say much about snow in the Salt Lake Valley, and we got the impression that we might get a few flakes but mostly rain. This didn't sound too bad, after all, we still have piles of leaves to rake and hoses to put away and stuff like that. Well, at what...three in the morning? (whatever time RAP needed a drink) I was up and looked out the window to see rain quickly turning slushy and fat. By the time we got up there was already at least an inch on the ground and it just snowed all day. I think we got around six inches. It was so fun to get the white stuff on the first of December! I was even in the mood for Christmas music. What I liked best was hearing a favorite tune, Let it Snow! without being bitter that there was no snow in sight. We had a very lazy Saturday puttering around, baking, playing, and I ventured out for a little shopping. I have such a good husband. Saturday is always a big day for him to get stuff done on the house, but he needed a lazy day as much as I needed to get stuff done, so he spent a ton of time with R (CTP spent pretty much the entire day at a friend's house). Little R does love her daddy.

On another note, I was driving the kids around today on one of the seemingly 1368 errands I did. It was almost the end of the day, thus it was almost the end of my wits. CTP just gets so chatty and I guess super curious. I never thought I'd try to stifle my child's curiosity, but after 90 minutes of a constant stream of nearly unanswerable questions I have to put a cork in it somehow. I think my favorite question of the day was this:
"Mom, I know everything. Is there anyone else who knows everything?"
I replied, "You know everything, huh? Okay, what's the square root of 29?" (Not very a very nurturing response, I know.) He calmly answered with total confidence, "St. George." Well, I guess you got me there, kid.

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Windybrook Spinner said...

He's a big fan of St. George, isn't he? Does he know about the dragon? =)