The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We got our first snow of the season yesterday - pretty exciting, I think. I just love snow for Christmas. I wish I didn't depend on it so much to feel "Christmas-y" but I do. I need to find another holiday-cheer trigger, because these days (darn that global warming!) we don't get a white Christmas very often. It's been a few years since we've had a truly white Christmas. When CTP was one we woke Christmas morning to a brown and dry day, but as the day went on we got pounded by a huge storm. Our car was buried for a couple of days - it was great! I of course have my hopes up for a wintry holiday this year too, but it snowed about one inch yesterday and it isn't even December yet. Thinking that this storm means we'll have snow on the 25th - that's like being one point ahead with 1:38 still left on the clock...oh yeah, we aren't talking about that.

Of course when the kids saw the snowflakes they immediately insisted on pulling on their entire array of snow gear - hats, boots, mittens, coats - just so they could go outside and play in the smattering of flakes. It's cute really, how excited they get. I was on the phone with my friend Becky while the snow was coming down and her kids were going berserk in the background. It sounded like she was babysitting the neighboring circus troop, but it was just her three whooping it up. She should have done what I did and sent them outside and shut the door. What I want to know is why do snow clothes have to consist of so many separate items? My kids had a great time outside for 1/2 an hour, but after that I had a mountain of clothing by the back door, dripping muddy water on the floor, which I couldn't attend to because I was busy making the demanded post-snow hot chocolate. Ah, well.

Last night the first on our list of Christmas shows was on t.v. It was "Charlie Brown's Christmas." I'm such a silly. We actually own this tape, but for some reason I have so much more fun watching it on live t.v. I can't tell you why - the tape has no commercials! I think it must hearken back to my childhood when my mom did such a good job of paying attention to when something would be on, like Rudolph or The Wizard of Oz or something. She'd push the couch up close to the t.v. and we'd all pile on and cuddle under blankets, eating homemade popcorn. It was great. So I did the same thing and pushed our big green chair up in front of the tube and the kids snuggled up for Charlie Brown. Pretty cute. RAP actually fell asleep there at 8:15, which was a miracle because she had fallen asleep in the car during the day. This usually ensures a late bedtime, but she crashed. Of course, she did wake up at 2:00 and wiggled in a very awake way until 4:00...


ghd3 said...

What a great day! We had snow up in the mountains, but we just don't live in a place where we get it much down at lower elevations (once or twicer per winter is all, if we're lucky). Glad you got to enjoy a great snow day together. Nothing like snow (and egg nog) to get you in the Christmas spirit! Great pictures....

You'll have to start reading your favorite Christmas stories as well.

Monica said...

I still have muddy boots at my back door that I haven't picked up from Dallin frolicking in the snow to! We also watched Charlie Brown Christmas AND - Dallin has the same jammies as CTP!! How funny! I also loved your interesting things list! I can't believe you got to do that on your mission! You are the only one who has played along with the interesting things blog entry! oh well!