The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, February 15, 2008

1000 Words

Bitty has been sick all week, and I think this picture, forwarded to me from my sister, about says it all. My Sicky Bitty Kitty! Bitty keeps acting like she's about to get better and then the next day will blossom into new heights of feverish glory. Fever, ear aches, coughing, boogers, sneezing....we have it all going on. Even a barf or two. All week I've had tons of plans and I kept lying awake in bed at night trying to figure out how I was going to make it all work, and then I'd have to just let it all go. It has been sick week. Now that Dr. George has given us a little amoxicillin for the ears, I'm hoping we're on the road to recovery. Not only will it be nice to have a cheerful toddler back in the house, but I could use a night of sleep. Last night Bitty woke up and got really restless just as I was going to bed, and finally at 3:30 or something I got up with her. We fell asleep together on the couch around 5:00, and then Stomper got up before 7:00. Yeah, not quite enough snoozes for the parents this week. And on that note, I'm off to bed.


Whitley said...

Yuck! Wish I was there to help! Hope their feeling better.

Kate said...

Oh! Poor little Bitty! I hope she gets well soon. The sickies are awful.
ON the bright side, I guess that explains why so cranky last week, eh?
Blessings, rest and much wellness to your family.