The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I really can't complain about the weather this winter. It's been great. We've had storm after storm after storm, which gives us the water we need, plus it keeps the valley free from the nasty depressing stinky inversion. So I'm grateful. But I won't say I wasn't thrilled to have two days of sunshine this week. Warm - up towards the fifty degree mark, and wonderfully sunny. Yesterday as soon as I picked up Stomper from school we headed up to the zoo. It's been quite a while since our last visit and it seemed like the perfect time. Boy did the kids love and need it. Upon arriving at the zoo they both took off at a full sprint. Of course, they both fell on their faces within the first few yards and within seconds of each other, so I guess their little limbs were a bit rusty on the running around thing. After a brief recovery, we set forth once more. It was such a great day - there were animals out and about and really active. We especially enjoyed the gorillas and orangutans, who were frolicking. The bears, red panda and cougars were all up and about as well. My favorite may have been the leopard, who's enclosure borders the wolfs. That leopard is constantly being tortured - you can tell he can see and smell the wolves, and that he wants very much to eat them. He's always pacing the fence along that side and yesterday he was actually perched up in a tree in a rather menacing manner. The wolves haven't seemed to notice that they've attracted the attention of a fierce carnivore.

I couldn't help but post a pix of Stomper's favorite: the reticulated python. He loves the thing, and makes mention of it often. He's also under the impression that Bindy Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, is the owner of a reticulated python, and is anxious to make her aquaintence. He has even written her a letter (rather, he dictated it to me) and I am in search of a fan mail address to which I can send the letter. Anyway, I think he's got a thing for both Bindy and the snake.

All in all it was a really refreshing afternoon out in the cool air and sunshine. My children even commented about how hot it was outside. The day continued in a happy vein as we returned home and I made dinner and they actually ate it. Miracles do happen.

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